Margaret Johnson: Where is My 600-lb Life Star Now?

Since its debut in 2012, TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ has featured the motivational testimonies of severely obese individuals who are attempting to lead better lifestyles through a weight loss program. They often weigh around 600 pounds and go through life surviving only on food. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, often known as Dr. Now, is a well-known bariatric surgeon who aids in the process by creating challenging, customized diet and exercise treatment regimens for each patient. He further helps them become eligible for weight-loss surgery.

A year in the lives of numerous of Dr. Now’s patients is followed in each season of the reality show as they make intriguing and laborious attempts to lose weight. Many people have shown incredible tenacity and self-control in their pursuit of a healthy weight. Margaret Johnson, who appeared in season 10 episode 10, also had a similar journey. She tackled various barriers to successfully sail through her journey, which is why her fans might be wondering what she is up to now.

Margaret Johnson’s My 600-lb Life Journey

When she appeared in season 10 in 2022, Baytown, Texas, native Margaret Johnson was a 35-year-old woman who carried around 752 pounds. She had to be taken to the St. Joseph Medical Center, Houston, after suffering from a fall while walking. As the hospital wasn’t able to accommodate her because of her weight, she was sent to Dr. Now’s facility for treatment. That was when he instructed Margaret to begin the weight loss program in order to get her out of her immobile state.

Margaret totally depended on her mother for her daily needs and confessed that she manipulated her mother into giving her more food by reminding her of their complicated past. Speaking of the past, Margaret had a tough childhood after her parents separated and her mother left her children with a verbally abusive father. According to Margaret, while she began turning to food to compensate for the void, her overweight and controlling father made matters worse for her. Her father weighed around 1000 pounds and left her and her elder sisters starving for food and care.

As a result, Margaret had no way out but to steal food from the kitchen at night and eat his meals as a way to get back at him. She, thus, quickly crossed the 120-pound mark at age 6, and as her father abused her more by saying that her mother left because of her, Margaret developed an eating disorder and diabetes. As she saw her life getting wasted sitting and sleeping the entire day and her eating habits ruining her life, she got eager to make changes when she got the opportunity. While she did resist the changes in the beginning, her mother’s strict and constant support helped her control her binge eating.

Although Margaret felt like giving up a few times, especially when things did not go her way, like her weight-loss monthly results, she still managed to go through it later. She was also provided a psychotherapist who addressed both the mother and daughter’s trust issues and advised her to become more independent. Her physical therapist also helped her to move her body slowly and gain momentum during the program for her overall development. Thus, towards the end of her journey, after some trials and tribulations, Margaret finally shed 160 pounds and was approved for gastric bypass surgery.

Margaret Johnson is on a Road to Recovery Today

When Margaret Johnson was last weighed in after her successful weight loss surgery, she was down to 516 pounds. This meant that she had then lost a total of 235 pounds during the one-year procedure with Dr. Now. However, her journey hadn’t ended there, and she had a long way to go to lose all her excess weight. The surgery was only a tool that would help her curb her food cravings and thus stop her from gaining more weight. Margaret shared her experience at the end, saying that she already felt healthier and was recovering well from her surgery.

Margaret was stronger and in better health as her food cravings diminished significantly and she was happy to be doing things on her own, independently. However, after her appearance on the show, Margaret has gone off the grid and chosen to remain away from the public eye. Her social media presence is close to none, and she also hasn’t given an update about her weight loss journey since then. However, it has been reported that her mother made an announcement on her social media account, providing relief for Margaret’s fans.

As reported by TV Shows Ace, Margaret’s mother wrote, “I’m so sorry we haven’t updated y’all on Margaret Johnson’s progress. We are hopefully on that road to recovery this time. It has been an uphill battle non-stop since her surgery. In and out of the hospital and rehab many times since her surgery day! I will tell you that in nine months since she started her diet she has lost a total of over 340 lbs! Prayers are always appreciated. She still has a long road to go!” As this is a piece of positive news for Margaret, we only hope and wish that she continues her journey and achieves her desired goals soon.

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