Marilia and Patrick: Is the Love is Blind Brazil Couple Still Dating?

It is very rare to see two independent and strong-willed people find their way to each other, especially on a reality dating TV show. Marilia Pinheiro and Patrick Ribeiro were also of a similar type, but when it was time for them to come together on Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ season 4, they demonstrated how accommodating and resilient they could be with each other. They were one of the strongest couples, with a solid connection built on the right foundations from the beginning. Fans saw in their relationship the hope for a romantic future that would be rewarding for both of them.

Marilia and Patrick Felt a Connection From Their First Interaction

Marilia Pinheiro and Patrick Ribeiro started on the right foot when they first heard each other’s voices in their separate pods. Patrick told her that from her voice, he could tell she was the right woman for him, and this proved to be true. They went on to discuss their previous relationships and vulnerabilities. Marilia shared that she had been cheated on and wanted to take things slowly, while Patrick shared that he valued relationships and partnerships and was not interested in anything short-term. When it was time to confess his feelings, Patrick mistook Renata for Marilia, which caused some drama, but the situation amended itself quickly.

After they had put the debacle behind them, they met each other and quickly exchanged rings, excited to start their honeymoon phase together. They made each other comfortable, and even under the strict scrutiny of other contestants, they managed to stick well together, coming across as a strong and endearing couple well-matched for each other. In the real world, the two of them did take some time to get used to each other, but they knew that their connection was much deeper. When it was time for them to decide if they wanted to marry each other, both of them said that the time for them had not come yet. However, they celebrated the day as a couple with the family and friends who showed up for the event and revealed they would like to get married later.

Marilia Pinheiro and Patrick Ribeiro Have Ended Things

Marilia Pinheiro and Patrick Ribeiro have parted ways, as the latter recently posted a photo with another woman named Fernanda Carneiro. In his post, Patrick expressed gratitude to Fernanda, attributing his success to her support. This has sparked speculation among fans of the show, with some wondering if Patrick’s relationship with Fernanda predates his appearance in the season. Interestingly, Evandro hinted at such external connections during a heated argument, which now seems to align with Patrick’s recent social media activity. This development has left fans reflecting on the dynamics and authenticity of relationships formed on the show.

Marilia Pinheiro is Spending Time With Her Family

Marilia Pinheiro is working as a banker and is very satisfied with her career and its direction. It gives her the stability that she wants in life and also the flexibility to enjoy things on her own terms. Being on a reality TV show has significantly boosted her confidence and opened up new work ventures for her. She has entered brand collaborations, such as with Belles, a loungewear and beachwear clothing brand, using her identity to promote their products. With the success of her show, her venture into the world of digital creation is sure to see an upward surge quickly.

She is very close to her family; her father, Mario Pinheiro, and her mother, Solange Delfino, are the pillars of her life, and her brother, Pedro Pinheiro, adds to the wholesomeness of her life. However, the real star of her life is her dog, Scoot, whom she treats and loves like her own son, embarking on epic adventures together. A vacation enthusiast, Marilia was seen flaunting her style in Santa Catarina in December 2023 and Indaiatuba and Rio de Janeiro in February 2024. She takes every chance to see as much of the world as she can and thoroughly enjoys herself, whether at carnivals, dinner outings with family, or casual hangouts with friends.

Patrick Ribeiro is Focused on His Physical Fitness

Patrick, a Traffic Manager, keeps a low profile about his personal life. His job demands rigorous attention, so it’s natural that he dedicates time to maintaining his fitness, often seen at the gym. A dedicated fitness enthusiast, he enjoys showcasing the results of his hard work and is comfortable in front of the camera. Besides immersing himself in the gym, he is passionate about cycling, swimming, and adventurous activities like scuba diving. Dogs hold a special place in Patrick’s heart, although he mourned the loss of a beloved furry companion in June 2021. He embraces life near the ocean, often seen with his surfboard, ready to catch waves—a reflection of his adventurous spirit that extends to his everyday pursuits.

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