Markeyshi K’Patrick: John Ray’s Friend is Running Her Own Cafe Now

Image Credit: The Atalanta Journal Constitution

When John Ray was found murdered inside his own house in Lakewood Heights, Atalanta, Georgia, the police were shocked by the brutality of the crime. On the other hand, John, an Air Force Veteran, was known to be pretty amicable, and his best friend, Markeyshi K’Patrick, had no idea why anyone would target the 32-year-old in such a heinous manner. Hulu’s ‘How I Caught My Killer’ chronicles the gruesome slaying and follows the investigation which brought career criminal Torico Jackson to justice. If you are intrigued by the details surrounding this case and want to know where Markeyshi K’Patrick is at present, we have you covered.

Who Is Markeyshi K’Patrick?

A native of Queens, New York City, Markeyshi K’Patrick was John Ray’s best friend. People who knew them mentioned that they were almost inseparable and would often turn to each other to talk about their lives or take advice. Hence, Markeyshi knew about John’s work as a paralegal, although she was worried about the danger he put himself in when working with criminals. Markeyshi also knew that in the days leading up to the murder, John’s house was burgled several times, and she, along with his well-wishers, requested the paralegal to find a new residence.

However, John stayed true to his work and refused to be swayed by what he viewed as criminal intervention. On May 16, 2004, police officers in Atlanta, Georgia, came across John’s horribly mutilated body in his Lakewood Heights house. First responders found the victim restrained and lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood, while there were numerous stab wounds on his head and chest. The crime was so violent that the blade of the murder weapon was still inside John’s body, and an autopsy later determined that the stab wounds led to his death.

Moreover, the house was in complete disarray, and once the police realized that the victim’s car, stereo system, and television were missing, they believed it to be a robbery gone wrong. Being John’s best friend, Markeyshi K’Patrick was interviewed by the police during the initial investigation, and she told authorities how John was loved by most members of the community. She even talked about his friendly nature and claimed that since John did not have a lot of enemies, she did not have an immediate suspect in mind.

Hours after John was discovered dead, his car was spotted running a light just two miles away from the Lakewood Heights house. However, the driver fled the scene before cops could apprehend him, and a forensic team found a foreign DNA sample from the vehicle’s airbag. Since then, the case sat unsolved for long until cold case officers reopened the investigation and found documents about Torico Jackson’s prior criminal activities inside John’s briefcase. On the other hand, authorities even discovered how Torico had connected with John over a gay dating website. Hence, once the DNA in the car matched the suspect, the police charged Torico Jackson for his role in the crime.

Where Is Markeyshi K’Patrick Today?

When interviewed about the new line of investigation, Markeyshi lauded the police force and claimed that their finding Torico’s name inside John’s briefcase seemed like the victim’s speaking to them from beyond the grave. She was also pretty satisfied with the outcome of the trial, as in 2013. Torico Jackson was convicted of murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, burglary, and armed robbery, which netted him two life sentences without the possibility of parole, as well as 25 additional years in prison.

Unfortunately, since then, Markeyshi has decided to embrace privacy and did not reveal much of her personal life in public. However, from the looks of it, she now resides in Florence, South Carolina, where she owns a vegan food truck called Eliza’s Vegan Cafe. Additionally, she has the company K’Patrick Enterprises, LLC, registered to her name and previously owned several companies, including a cleaning service, a laundromat, a garbage pickup business, and a TV repair business.

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