Masked Singer Season 5 Episode 1 Costumes: Clues and Guesses

With the host Nick Cannon and panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer’ is back again with a brand new season. This top-secret singing competition, wherein celebrities face off against one another while concealing their identities with the help of head-to-toe elaborate costumes, is one of a kind.

The audiences and the panelists are given new hints and clues in each extravagant performance, enabling us to make guesses about who the talented celebrity behind the mask is. So now, with the premiere episode of Season 5 approaching, let’s find out all the clues and guesses about those in the Group A category, shall we?

Russian Dolls

From ‘The Masked Singer’ clip above, we can see the Russian Dolls sing their hearts out on “Shallow” from ‘A Star is Born,’ which may mean that we’re getting another pair like the Snow Owls from Season 4. However, with panelist Jenny McCarthy saying, “They multiply! That means they could multiply more,” we know that the possibility of there being a third doll exists. With this, fans on social media are confident that the Russian Dolls are none other than the Hanson brothers; Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. And we’ll be honest; we have to agree with them. After all, even we hear notes of Hanson music at every turn.


At this point in time, very little is known about Seashell apart from her dazzling and eye-catching costume – a candy-colored mega-sized conch shell mask and a skirt made out of layered shells and decorative starfish that shimmers like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The ensemble is made complete with a glittery pink train.

Unlike in season 4, though, where we saw a sea of Jellyfish and Seahorse-inspired costumes, it seems like Seashell is the only one with such a taste in this installment. Although this makes it difficult for us to guess who the celebrity underneath the mask may be, some have speculated Rebecca Black, others have suggested Cyndi Lauper.


Although the furry creature who calls himself Raccoon on ‘The Masked Singer’ seems simple enough with his fringed blue jeans, plaid shirt, work vest, and hat, the way he carries himself says a lot about his experience in the spotlight. Aside from his initial introduction and the reveal of his mountaineer meets lumberjack look, no other significant hints about the celebrity’s career, personality, or profession have been made public as of yet.

Nevertheless, fans have rallied and thrown out guesses for various country singers like Billy Ray Cyrus, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney. So, who is the celebrity underneath the Raccoon costume? Well, we, too, think that Kenny Chesney or Billy Ray Cyrus are solid guesses.


Out of everyone in Group A, Snail is the one masked celebrity who has captured the entire nation’s attention thanks to his unique and fully motorized cartoonish costume. Though he seems tiny, he also looks mighty, making us believe that slow and steady might just win this race. With an oversized top hat on the shell and a big smile on the face, Snail’s ensemble is pretty appealing for a slug.

However, it is the suggestive hidden clue that seems the most intriguing – does it mean that the celebrity rose to fame over a few years? Or does it point towards a slow yet long-lasting career? Some guesses to have come up for Snail so far are Ryan Reynolds, Chris O’Dowd, or maybe a former football player.


It seems like there is an unsaid rule about there being a prickly creature in every installment of ‘The Masked’ franchise, and in season 5 of ‘The Masked Singer,’ Porcupine is taking up that role. As a part mammal and part terminator, this furry costume can only be described as steampunk because of the almost monochromatic covering, high quills, and glowing blood-red eyes.

The outfit makes it look like it’s hiding someone very beefy underneath, but if there is anything that we’ve learned from the previous seasons of the series, it’s that looks can be utterly deceiving. In saying that, the guesses for Porcupine range from Gene Simmons to John Cena to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Shaquille O’Neal.

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