MasterChef Junior Renewed For Season 10 at Fox

The spotlight will continue to shine on the junior chefs! Fox has renewed the cooking competition series ‘MasterChef Junior‘ for its tenth season. Casting for the installment is currently underway to find children aged eight to thirteen who love cooking, The Cinemaholic has learned.

In the intense two-part ninth season finale of ‘MasterChef Junior,’ the stakes were higher than ever as the judges announced that the winner would receive a state-of-the-art kitchen from Viking and a set of kitchen tools and bakeware from OXO. The three finalists, Bryson, Michael, and Remy, were tasked with preparing their best appetizer, entrée, and dessert, each incorporating the flambé technique in their first course. Bryson impressed with marinated prawns and Creole hush puppies, while Remy delivered a flavorful striped bass dish, and Michael made a mark with a rich crab bisque.

As the finale progressed, Michael showcased pan-seared halibut, Bryson presented wagyu filet mignon, and Remy offered classic shrimp and grits. In the dessert round, Remy’s chocolate hazelnut brownie, Bryson’s peanut butter mousse crunch cake, and Michael’s orange and olive oil pound cake dazzled the judges. Ultimately, Bryson emerged as the winner. He was crowned this year’s MasterChef Junior winner and secured the coveted trophy and all the prizes.

In the tenth installment of the show, gifted young chefs will battle for the ultimate culinary crown and aim to impress the returning judges, who will likely include Gordon Ramsay, Tilly Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Daphne Oz. With exhilarating challenges and mouth-watering dishes, season 10 is set to be an extraordinary culinary adventure. The contestants will display their creativity and skills that rival adults. Furthermore, they will receive a priceless opportunity to learn from a few of the very best in the business, who will guide them as judges.

Fox has also renewed Jamie Foxx’s game show ‘Beat Shazam‘ for its eighth season. The auditions for the 2025 installment are already underway. The gameplay involves three teams of two players, each competing through four rounds to identify songs and bank money for each correct answer. The highest-scoring team then faces off against the Shazam app, trying to name up to six songs before the app can. If they beat Shazam on all six songs, they win the grand prize of $1,000,000.

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