MasterChef Junior Season 9: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Season 9 of the lovable cooking show ‘MasterChef Junior’ saw the introduction of 12 precocious little chefs and Tilly Ramsay taking up a judge’s seat beside her father, Gordon Ramsay. Alongside judges Aarón Sanchez and Daphne Oz, they watched in amazement as the children cooked up creative and scrumptious dishes to be relished by their taste buds. After a hard-fought contest that saw many a poignant moment of elimination, followed by everyone coming together in consolation, Bryson McGlynn took home the coveted MasterChef Junior trophy as well as a $100,000 cash prize. As we bid adieu to the exceptional young chefs, curiosities arise regarding their activities following the competition.

Bryson McGlynn is Thriving as a Social Media Influencer and Food Aficionado

Only 11 years old when he won the season, Bryson said that he would be very responsible with how he uses his prize winnings. Bryson moved with his family from their hometown of Opelika, Alabama, to Auburn where he resides. The champion is a self-styled grilling and barbeque social media influencer who regularly talks about exciting new dishes and collaborates with local businesses and chefs. He currently serves as an ambassador for BBQ service company Jealous Devil and Myron Mixon Smokers, which deals in premium quality BBQ Smokers.

After winning ‘MasterChef Junior’ season 9, he became the pride of his city, with WXTX Fox54 hosting a community-wide celebration at the Glynn Smith Chevrolet dealership to commemorate his victory. In all likelihood, Bryson’s high energy and infectious personality will undoubtedly continue to increase the social media following of his vlogs, as well as see him feature in future cullinary projects.

Michael Seegobin is an Inspiration for His City

Michael Seegobin, a resident of New Smyrna, Florida, was the co-runner-up of the season. In addition to cooking up a storm, the 11-year-old enjoys fishing trips, baseball, and participating in all manner of competitions. Living near the coast, he has experience catching and cooking seafood. Michael’s father is a firefighter in Marion County, and the young chef’s calm performance in the heated environment leading up to the finals highlighted him in the season.

After the show’s completion, Michael expressed some disappointment in the result not being what he had aimed for but nevertheless thanked the team for providing him with a valuable experience. Since ‘MasterChef Junior,’ he has served as a judge in Fox’s food truck competition in New Smyrna and was recognized by several local institutions and media outlets as an exceptional talent who inspires the new generation.

Remy Powell Continues Perfecting Her Craft With Food Blogging and Writing

Completing the final round as co-runner-up alongside Michael Seegobin, Remy Powell was the highest-ranking female contestant in the season. Living in Hollywood, Florida, Remy has an interest in pop culture and traveling. She contributes to humanitarian initiatives as well, having been a part of the Social Gastronomy Movement and the Universal Plate Campaign in an effort to approach zero world hunger. Before coming on ‘MasterChef Junior,’ Remy was named the 2023 Florida Future Chef Champion, winning $5,000. Remy continues to cook, bake, sample new dishes, and visit new restaurants. She has her own cooking website, where she shares various recipes and cooking tips. Remy is also writing a cookbook, which she plans to release by the end of 2024.

Asher Niles Still Teams Up With His Favorite Pro Chef – His Father

One of the finalists and youngest contestants, Asher Niles, was the winner of the first mystery box challenge of the season. Asher lives in Yakima, Washington, and has inherited his family’s passion for cooking since his father is a professional chef. Shawn Niles, aka the Fat Pastor, is Asher’s father and has competed on ‘MasterChef’ season 8 but was beaten by Yachecia Holston before he could win an apron. Asher seems to have a close relationship with his dad, with the two fishing, cooking, and setting up food stalls together. After the show ended, the father-son duo participated in the BBQ All-Star Competition, winning the Wild Card Round and the People’s Choice award, and are set to compete in the World Food Championships.

Jordyn Joyner Wears Two Crowns Today

Alongside Asher Niles, Jordyn Joyner was the youngest contestant in the season at eight years old. Just like her gourmet dishes and flair for presentation turned heads on the show, Jordyn likes to dazzle audiences with another passion of hers: pageantry. The little rising star from Greensboro, North Carolina, was crowned Tiny Miss Earth USA 2023 and NC Universal Young Miss 2024. Jordyn has been singing, cooking, and modeling since an even younger age. Impressive as her talents are by themselves, they come together to give her a competitive edge in pageantry.

After the show’s conclusion, Jordyn felt happy with what she had achieved and was glad to have identified her strengths through Gordon Ramsay’s analysis of her dishes. She was invited on ‘Fox & Friends’ to make a Mother’s Day special brunch on live television and impressed the hosts with her knowledge of baking and cooking.

Alfred Eggermont is a Prospering All Rounder

The witty and cheerful Alfred Eggermont is an all-rounder stepping out of the competitive kitchen. The Binford, North Dakota native runs cross country, cooks for the community, and is a student council member. He loves to travel and explore new restaurants, dishes, and cooking styles. When his time on the show came to an end, he was not too discouraged and took his elimination like a champ, challenging Gordon Ramsay to a foot race to the door and winning. Soon afterward, he became one of the judges at North Dakota’s Mac & Cheese Festival in Mandan. He also gave an interview to KRJB radio, talking about his experiences on the show. Alfred assured everyone that he has a number of other events and appearances lined up for the future.

Lilo Tsai Loves to Cook at Her Family Restaurant and Play Golf

A seafood and sushi specialist, Lilo Tsai has been cooking since a tender age. This is partly due to her family owning the Godiako Sushi restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They also own Tsai Grocery, an Asian market next door. Lilo frequently helps out at the restaurant, which focuses on sushi and Japanese-American fusion dishes. Lilo’s hobby is golf, which she plays with her family and friends, winning multiple awards across several competitions. The bright young girl has her mind set on pursuing a career in the food industry and dreams of opening her own Japanese-American fusion restaurant in the future.

Miles Platt Fights Hard and Gives Back to the Community

Miles Platt became a fan-favorite on the show with his friendly demeanor, infallible work ethic, and emotional departure. Born with a left arm that ends at his elbow, Miles encourages everyone to pursue their dreams, regardless of the challenges they might face in life. A resident of College Station, Texas, Miles has started a family tradition of hosting a fundraiser on every birthday and donating the proceeds to charity.

For the uninitiated, his inspiring story prompted the comedy group Dude Perfect to make him a custom prosthetic arm to help him with his jungle gym workouts. Miles also likes to surf, crochet, draw, and play sports. On the academic front, the ‘MasterChef Junior’ star received straight A’s throughout his 5th grade, despite his appearance on the show, and has now moved on to the 6th grade.

Kristell Jean is a Food Blogger and Helps Expand her Family Food Truck’s Menu

Kristell Jean hails from Austin, Texas, and competed in ‘MasterChef Junior’ at the age of 10. Her family owns and operates a Mexican seafood taco truck, Ensenada ATX. A food lover at heart, she cooks, bakes, and explores new dishes and food joints, documenting her experiences on her social media. When she noticed that her family’s food truck did not have any sweet dishes on its menu, Kristell introduced gooey chocolate brownies to it by baking them herself. Since her time on ‘MasterChef Junior,’ she has graduated fifth grade, bidding it a grateful farewell with a performance as Selena Quintanilla.

Lydia Ledon is a Multitalented Whiz Kid

Growing up in South Florida, Lydia remembers wanting to help out in the kitchen ever since she could sit at the counter. She would go fishing with her father and season the catch of the day, helping fry it. When her parents retired from the firefighting force in Miami, the family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Lydia is the youngest of her four siblings and loves to spend time with her friends. She enjoys horseback riding (on ponies), modeling, and auditioning for acting roles. Despite her young age, Lydia takes her passions seriously and is aiming to become a chef when she grows up while nurturing her many talents.

Jason Sun is a Jack of All Trades

Jason Sun is a versatile artist who has gained recognition for his cooking, acting, dancing, piano, and swimming. As an actor, he has featured in a number of short films, commercials, and the comedy, ‘Extremely Unique Dynamic.’ Hailing from San Gabriel, California, Jason is bilingual in Chinese and English and is a first-generation Chinese American performer. Since his time at ‘MasterChef Junior,’ Jason has participated in the iStage Showcase in San Marino and appeared in an IHOP commercial for the movie ‘IF.’

Breanna “Bre” Williams is Aiming for Hollywood

From Burbank, California, Breanna competed in ‘MasterChef Junior’ at ten years of age. After her elimination, she talked about being grateful for the opportunity, with the memories and friendships she formed topping her priorities. Breanna is a child actor and voice-over artist and can be seen in ‘Abbott Elementary’ and the ‘I Wish’ Pepsi commercial with Shaquille O’Neal. Alongside acting and theater, she also learns a range of other skills and art forms, such as Ballet, in her performing arts school. Breanna wants to open her own food truck specializing in burgers and become famous for her cooking. Her focus on acting and performing likely means that we are likely to spot her in future projects regardless of their relation to the culinary arts.

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