Where Is Abbott Elementary Filmed?

‘Abbott Elementary’ is ABC’s mockumentary sitcom that focuses on the teachers at an underfunded public school. Whilst a documentary crew follows them around, the teachers try their best to help the students — who are often wild and miserable — simply because they love the profession of teaching. In particular, we see the ups and downs faced by Janine Teagues, a second-grade teacher who is extremely optimistic and thus differs from her oft-tired colleagues.

The hilarious sitcom, created by Quinta Brunson, has received praise from people all around the world; many appreciate its emphasis on the struggles of teachers working in mismanaged public schools. The show brilliantly but comically brings forth a realistic representation of a public school where the teachers are underpaid and overworked, the students are “difficult” to handle, and there’s never enough money for classroom resources.

Through its authentic and chaotic elementary school environment, the show allows fans to immerse themselves in the messy but heartwarming world of young kids and stressed educators. Naturally, many are curious to know where this disorganized but lovable Philadelphia public school is brought to life. Well, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Abbott Elementary’ filming locations.

Abbott Elementary Filming Locations

‘Abbott Elementary’ is set in a fictional school named Willard R. Abbott Public School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, the series is filmed in Los Angeles, California. According to reports, production of season 1 commenced in July or August 2021 and concluded by November 2021. The show is praised for its realistic backdrops, so let’s take a closer look at this filming location!

Los Angeles, California

‘Abbott Elementary’ is filmed in and around the county of Los Angeles, California, which is the heart of the country’s film and television industry. It thus comes as no surprise that the realistic sets and backdrops seen in the show are the creations of trained industry professionals who know the ins and outs of their craft. According to reports, it looks like the workplace comedy is filmed at the Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, located precisely at 4000 Warner Boulevard. Burbank is approximately 15 minutes away from the city of Los Angeles.

The production team ensures that Philadelphia — which is closer to the East Coast — is represented accurately, especially because filming takes place in sites located on the West Coast. From the slang terms featured in the dialogues to the makeup techniques used, details pertaining to the City of Brotherly Love are closely paid attention to by the team behind the sitcom. “I got to have so much Philadelphia in LA, like the backdrops that looked like 56th and Christian [streets],” stated Brunson. Thus, fans are easily immersed into the culture of Philly, despite the sets being located in the City of Angels!

Reports also indicate that scenes from the single-camera comedy are perhaps shot at the 20th Television or the 20th Century Studios, located exactly at 10201 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, as well. With its bright yellow school buses, motivational and colorful artworks on the walls, and mismatched chairs in the classrooms, the show certainly manages to capture the essence of an elementary school. Thus, Los Angeles serves as the ideal filming location for ‘Abbott Elementary.’

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