Mate Rimac’s Net Worth: How Rich is Rimac Automobile Founder?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Croatian innovator, entrepreneur, and tech powerhouse Mate Rimac is an entirely self-made man thanks to his incredible worldview. This much has actually even been implied in HBO Max’s ‘Downey’s Dream Cars,’ which is admittedly a lot of people’s introduction to this fairly young electric supercar enthusiast-manufacturer. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about him — with a specific focus on his general background, career trajectory, as well as current net worth — we’ve got the necessary details for you.

How Did Mate Rimac Earn His Money?

Although Mate was born in Linvo, Yugoslavia (present-day Bosnia & Herzegovina) on February 12, 1988, he primarily grew up in Frankfurt, Germany, after fleeing in 1991 during the local war. However, since the Rimacs had managed to relocate to Croatia around 2000 before settling down in beautiful Samobor city for good, the young male considers this Balkans nation his home. This is despite the fact he initially had a lot of trouble adjusting because it’s the place that not only sparked his passion for cars and technology but also pushed him to achieve wonders early on.

The truth is Mate was in high school when one of his professors turned mentor convinced him to participate in a local electronics competition, the win of which gave him tremendous confidence. He thus gradually began competing at national and international levels to o, all the while tinkering inside his parents’ garage to come up with some unprecedented yet indispensable innovations. In fact, he was 17 when he designed iGlove as an alternative to a computer’s keyboard and mouse, followed by the rear-view Active Mirror System to help people catch their car’s blind spots.

Mate subsequently filed international patents for both his creations and won numerous accolades for his thinking, just to then enroll at VERN University of Applied Science at the age of 19. Though instead of merely focusing on his Entrepreneurial Management degree, the youngster even continued with his endeavors — he started to convert a 1984 BMW 3 Series into an electric car. This vehicle ultimately broke several records on the grounds of being fully functional, driving him to create his first electric supercar from the ground up, the Concept One, at the age of 23 in 2011.

Mate had actually established his automotive manufacturing company Rimac Automobili in 2009, yet it wasn’t until this period two years later that he hired his first employee to kickstart their work. At the time, he honestly had no idea his business would go on to have roughly 2,000 employees, along with investors like Porsche AG, Hyundai-Kia, and Asia’s battery-focused Camel Group. Therefore, today, apart from designing-manufacturing their own electric supercars, including their second-ever in-house hyper vehicle Nevera, Rimac also supplies such technologies as well as systems to many big-name firms within the industry and has partnered with Bugatti.

Mate Rimac’s Net Worth

Considering the fact Rimac Automobili’s valuation is well over $6 billion as of writing, with its founder-CEO proudly holding the majority of its shares (more than 50%), Mate is undeniably a billionaire. The fact he refuses to move this organization out of Croatia to bring other aspects of the auto world inside plays a massive role in his standing as well, especially as he kind of has a local monopoly. Then there are his assets, public engagements, as well as position as the founder of Greyp Bikes, an electric-bicycle-focused sister company of Rimac Automobili, that affect his net worth. As a result, per our best estimates, we believe Mate Rimac has an accumulated wealth of close to $4 billion as of June 2023, which is frankly only bound to increase with the way he’s running his two companies.

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