Are Matt and Rudi from Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart Still Together?

ABC’s ‘Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’ has now gained momentum! While many didn’t expect this spin-off to do as well as the original series, makers are shocked at the amount of love the show is receiving from fans worldwide! Part of the credit goes to the hilarious dynamic between Matt and Rudi. Their ups and downs and uncalled for drama have surely added a dose of spice to the episodes. Nothing has been funnier than to watch the fierce, feisty, curse-hurling Rudi chew the poor, helpless Matt’s head off!

Matt and Rudi: Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart Journey

The 32-year-old Neo-Soul singer from California, Matt, with his groomed beard and polished look, managed to hit it off with Rudi in the very first episode. Strangely enough, their entire short-lived relationship was encapsulated perfectly in the first week itself. The 24-year-old R&B and pop singer from Los Angeles, Rudi, found herself insanely attracted to Matt and they formed a passionate connection.

Everything seemed to be going well until they stepped into the hot tub together, and Matt tried to kiss Rudi. Rejecting his advances, Rudi made it clear that she wanted to take it slow. Matt was left confused about her interest in him. So when he got a date card, he took Mel instead! The awkward date didn’t do him well as he received a rose from neither Mel nor Rudi. He got saved by another cast member, though. Rudi, heartbroken and betrayed, decided to take a chance on Ryan.

In the second week, Rudi tried her best to form a connection with the sweet chocolate boy, but she didn’t feel the spark that she had experienced with Matt before. Rudi and Ryan even kissed, but the unlucky guy got ditched yet again! Rudi ran straight into Matt’s arms, slapped him jokingly (and as a little revenge), and then kissed him. Finally, the passionate couple patched up, and their happy times are back on! Matt confirmed their relationship by giving his rose to Rudi.

Are Matt and Rudi Still Together?

Followers have been wondering if Matt and Rudi’s tumultuous relationship will survive! According to their respective social media accounts, it doesn’t seem as though the duo is still together.

It is not surprising as Rudi’s stubbornness, moodiness, and temper issues are not something that was handled appropriately by Matt. The lost and confused lad is almost intimidated by her strong persona and demeanor. If rumors are to be believed, the couple might not have survived even to see the end of the show! Whatever their status may be, this couple doesn’t fail to entertain!

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