Rudi Gutierrez: Everything We Know

Rudi is one of the cast members of ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’. Featuring 23 single and available musicians from all over the United States, the contestants embark on the journey to true love. The show aims to allow these artists to connect through music and find common ground for a greater love! Rudi has had a controversial first week, to say the least. Full of drama and surprises, she hasn’t given up hope yet.

Rudi Gutierrez: Age, Background and Profession

Rudi is a 24-year-old musician who belongs to Texas but is currently residing in Los Angeles. She is a demo music recorder for big producers and studios. Her main focus lies in the genres of pop and R&B. Confident and passionate, Rudi isn’t scared of huge crowds as she performs at various live events. She has already performed infront of 20,000 people in an opening act at the Lollapalooza, which is a popular annual four-day music festival held in Chicago. Blessed with a deep sultry voice, Rudi’s Instagram account shows off her music recordings mixed with sexy selfies and posed shoots.

Rudi claims to have dated all the men in Los Angeles. She has been in and out of relationships for a long time now. Having been single for seven months straight, she admits that it is the longest she has been alone. Rudi wants to take advantage of this opportunity and find a musical connection that is fun as well as romantic. She confesses that the biggest concern her previous partners had had was related to her strong and outspoken personality. She wishes to date someone who can handle that crazy side of hers!

Rudi Gutierrez Prediction: How Far Will She Go?

Rudi had a surprisingly hot-and-cold first week on the show. Battling the ups and downs, she still hasn’t lost hope. As soon as she entered the mansion, she hit it off with Matt. Their instant connection and sizzling chemistry seemed to be quite promising until they went into the hot tub together. Matt tried to kiss Rudi, but she refused his advances. She felt that they were going too fast and would lose the mystery. Matt probably thought that she wasn’t interested. So when the date card came for Matt, he took Mel out instead.

Rudi felt embarrassed and blindsided. Heartbroken and betrayed, she spewed out venom for Matt in the whole mansion. Just before the rose ceremony, Matt tried to talk it out with Rudi. But, she wasn’t ready to listen and broke things off with him. Surprisingly, Rudi gave her rose to Ryan and saved him from possible elimination. It seems like Rudi is ready to move forward as she confessed that she could see herself falling in love with someone like Ryan.

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