Ryan Neal: Everything We Know

Ryan Neal is one of the cast members of ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’. Featuring 23 hot single musicians in the search for love, Chris Harrison describes the spin-off as a crossover between ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ and ‘A Star Is Born’. An instant fan-favorite and declared as a Shawn Mendes look-alike, Ryan experiences quite a rollercoaster journey in the first week of the show.

Ryan Neal: Background and Profession

The 28-year-old cutie belongs to Dearborn Heights, Michigan. A jazz, funk, pop, and R&B musician, his Instagram feed flaunts his melodious voice and soulful covers of popular songs. A singer, songwriter, and music producer, he recently released an EP called ‘Up My Sleeve’ comprising four songs. He has been promoting the same on various social media platforms, and the music is available on all major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.


Having studied Public Communication and Culture Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, he took up many jobs in the IT and medical sectors to support his music career. He also features on various local news channels and radio stations. Extremely active in his local music community, he is often seen collaborating with other artists and performing live at cafes and events.

Ryan always knew that he wanted to be a pop star when he grows up. He started his music career at a very young age and learned to play the guitar. But he made a major breakthrough when he rented a secluded cabin in Nova Scotia for three months to concentrate on his music. He found inspiration there and realized his true passion for jazz. He wrote and made some of his first songs there.

Ryan believes that he has always been unlucky in love. He recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years. He has never dated a musician and is excited to explore the platform of the show to connect with someone who understands the lifestyle of an artist. He hopes to find someone who can respect his aspirations, and together, they can grow and thrive in the music industry.

Ryan Neal Prediction: How Far Will He Go?

Ryan is a romantic sweetheart who instantly bonded with co-star Jamie. They enjoyed great chemistry and even went on a date to a studio wherein they recorded the cover of a popular song by John Mayer. Even after sharing a passionate kiss, Jamie was confused about Ryan as she was being wooed by Trevor as well. Jamie disappointed fans by giving her rose to Trevor. But, Ryan was saved by Rudi when she gave her rose to him. We predict Ryan will take full advantage of the chance given to him and sail through to the final rounds of the show.

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