Matt Blankinship From Survivor 44: Everything We Know

Ever since its inception, ‘Survivor‘ has managed to draw in a significant viewer base with its thrilling premise of leaving a group of contestants out on an uninhabited island. Matthew “Matt” Blankinship, a contestant on season 44 of ‘Survivor,’ caught fans’ attention with his charming yet down-to-earth nature. Moreover, being a rising reality TV personality, fans naturally want to know more about him pertaining to his personal to professional life. Well, here is what we managed to dig up!

Matt Blankinship’s Age, Family, and Background

Matt Blankinship grew up in Albany, California, in a close-knit family. The 27-year-old is free-spirited and loves to goof around. Although he prefers to keep his personal life away from the spotlight, he has revealed that he considers his parents to be role models because they’ve shown him that love and compassion can exist even in the darkest of days. In an interview with Parade, Matt said, “My dad told me to trust myself out here. I think, like I said, that voice of anxiety is always there and always talking me down. And at home, I can always turn to my parents or best friends to talk me out of that negative headspace.”

Therefore, it is evident that he credits his family for ensuring that he grew up to be a “happy, joyful dude,” in his own words. Even though Matt gets a bit anxious and “there’s also a level of contemplativeness” when it comes to his game plans, he’s also resilient, charming, and caring, which again goes back to his background. Matt completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Oberlin College. Currently residing in San Francisco, California, the reality TV personality loves hanging out with his friends and posting their adventures on his social media account.

Matt Blankinship’s Profession

Matt Blankinship followed his passion and is a Software Engineer by profession. While he was enrolled in Oberlin College, he started out in his first job as an Education Intern at SFJAZZ. His first proper job was at his own college, where he worked as a Campus Tour Guide for two years and nine months till he found his calling and shifted his job. Finally, after years of working hard, he got into his dream profession as a Software Development Engineer in Amazon Lab126. At Amazon, he worked on developing projects related to echo devices and Alexa-related projects.

In 2019, Matt joined Google as a Software Engineer and is still working there. While talking about his life experiences, he revealed, “In my current job, I applied three times, and they rejected me each time. And then, the fourth time, I finally got the job. So I think that persistence and the ability to take this moment of defeat and pick yourself up and turn it around and try again will be really important in this game.” Hence, Matt is a great guy with persistence, which helps him stay headstrong in the game.

Is Matt Blankinship Dating Anyone?

Matt Blankinship prefers to distance himself from the limelight as far as his dating life is concerned. He hasn’t revealed any information regarding his relationships openly and maintains his social media handles to mostly share glimpses of his expeditions to various picturesque sites and countries. Matt loves to share pictures of his time with his friends and family members. Considering these factors, it seems likely that Matt is currently single. With a bright and huge potential future ahead of him, we would like to wish Matt the very best in his endeavors to come.

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