Kane Fritzler From Survivor 44 is in a Happy Long-Term Relationship

Season 44 of CBS’ ‘Survivor’ features Kane Fritzler as one of the strong-willed contestants. He is self-confident, quick on his feet, and intellectual. The young man wants to prove all the naysayers wrong, and so far, we’re all convinced that he is a strong contender. Being on reality TV can be quite nerve-wracking for some, but Kane has waltzed in with his charming persona and won our hearts over in ‘Survivor 44’. So, let’s take a look at his whereabouts and background to understand the man better!

Kane Fritzler: A Canadian National With Competitive Spirit

Kane Fritzler is a 25-year-old law student who currently resides in the city of Saskatoon but originally belongs to Moose Jaw, both in Saskatchewan in the Great White North. He describes himself as loud, inclusive, and competitive. He is a gamer at heart who enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons and caring for his dogs. Kane is also an avid reader who supposedly loves the ‘Harry Potter’ books. However, bad drivers and people who don’t commit to their words leave a bad impression on Kane. After watching it for almost his entire life, Kane believes that ‘Survivor’ is the best game show.

In an interview, he recalled the time when he would watch the show with his late grandmother and brother. He revealed how attending law school was the one experience that shaped him and also inspired him to compete in the show. He aspires to represent academics and wants to fight for his title with all his might and power. Kane completed his Bachelor of Science in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Saskatchewan between 2016 and 2019. He also pursued his JD in Law at the same university for the next four years.

Kane Fritzler’s Profession

While studying at the University of Saskatchewan, Kane served as the Vice President (VP) of Administration and the Law Student Association Vice President of Student Wellness. Toward the end of his under graduation, he also worked as an instructor at the Sci-Fi Science Campus of his institute. Shortly after that, he was a summer student at Robertson Stromberg LLP. He was also employed as a Student Editor at the Saskatchewan Law Review for eight months.

For the next six months, Kane was a Research Assistant at the Centre for Forensic Behavioral Science and Justice Studies and then at the University of Saskatchewan. Presently, he’s an Articling Student at Roberson Stromberg LLP, where he was selected in June 2022. So far, his career graph is amazing, and we’re eager to see how he puts those lawyer skills to work in ‘Survivor 44.’

Kane Fritzler Likely Met His Girlfriend During College

Yes, Kane Fritzler is in a long-term relationship with Kaitlyn Aparicio, who seemingly attended the same university as him. So, it can be said that the duo started dating back in college. Besides, the pictures of the lovely pair together date back to 2016, which is around the time Kane enrolled for the undergraduate degree. In May 2022, the couple seemed to be enjoying a nice getaway at Oahu in Hawaii, a place known for its serene beaches, unique cuisine, and thriving nightlife.

Kaitlyn watched Kane closely for two months to point out any dead giveaways in his mannerism, and by the end, she told him he was “squeaky clean” and asked him to just be himself on ‘Survivor 44’. The duo undoubtedly seems deeply in love, and we hope the two make the long haul. As for Kane, who’s the youngest member of the show’s Ratu tribe, we genuinely hope that he conquers all the challenges and proves himself to be a worthy contestant who’s destined to win the show!

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