Lauren Harpe From Survivor 44: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

As one of the most popular reality shows out there, ‘Survivor’ has amassed a huge fanbase since its premiere in 2000. Created by Charlie Parsons, the series is known for its beautiful yet extreme locations that pose the participants with a variety of challenges. Season 44 of the show was no different as the cast members tried their best to overcome to prove their skills while living in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji.

One of the most popular contestants from this particular iteration of the CBS competition is Lauren Haroe. Thanks to her performance, the survivalist has many admirers who want to know whatever they can about her. So, let’s explore the same together, shall we?

Lauren Harpe’s Age, Family, and Background

Hailing from Port Arthur, Texas, Lauren Harpe was born on July 30, 1991. Growing up in a small country town alongside her family, the reality TV star was used to eating things others might not consider palatable. Despite having eaten possums and raccoons in the past, she firmly stated that she would not eat a rat before entering the CBS show. Lauren’s parents have a special place in her heart, and the woman greatly admires them.

“My parents are my biggest inspiration. My mother is the most selfless and giving person I know, while my father is such a hard worker,” Lauren told Entertainment Weekly. She now lives in Mont Belvieu, Texas, and seems to enjoy activities like reading and listening to online podcasts and sermons. Family and friends are one of the most important things to Lauren, and she is always happy to spend time with them.

Lauren Harpe’s Profession

From 2008 to 2009, Lauren attended Lamar University’s Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities program and gained university credits as a high school junior. She returned to the institution in 2012 and participated in several extra-curricular activities. Apart from being a part of Eta Sigma Gamma, she was declared the Most Promising Health Professional-College of Education and Human Development 2014 Honoree. In 2014, Lauren graduated graduate cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and was part of the President’s List.

In May 2013, Lauren started working at ET’s Daycare as a Youth Camp Supervisor and retained the position until august 2013. She also worked as a Health Promotion Intern for Beaumont Health Department from January 2014 to May 2014. Shortly after her graduation, the reality TV star joined Port Arthur Independent School District (PAISD) as a Substitute Teacher in August 2014. In November of the same year, she was promoted to the post of Academic Tutor.

Lauren left PAISD in April 2015 and joined Beaumont Independent School District as a Teacher in May 2015. The reality TV star remained affiliated with the institute until November 2018, when she switched over to Lewisville ISD. In July 2019, the educator also became a part of VIPKid to teach through the internet. Ultimately, Lauren left Lewisville ISD in July 2020 and became a part of Barbers Hill Independent School District as a Teacher.

Lauren Harpe’s Ex-Husband and Kids

As of writing, Lauren does not seem to be in a relationship. The reality TV star shared that she had gotten divorced shortly before entering ‘Survival’ season 44. “I recently got a divorce, so I’ve been on a self-growth journey just to see what I’m capable of. So this is really for me and to see all that I can do,” she shared with Parade. Lauren is a proud mother of two amazing boys called CJ and Braxton, whom she loves very much.

Talking about her life in an Instagram post, Lauren talked about how she first became pregnant at the age of 21 alongside her boyfriend, whom she had known for 6 months at that point. The two eventually got married though the young mother did have to drop out of her final year of nursing education. Though the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy and education were not ideal for Lauren, she tried her best to make the best of it.

“My husband and I jumped from apartment to apartment, and most of the time didn’t have the funds to pay for our own rent or even buy groceries. We were irresponsible, living a facade, and broke. To make a long story short, my marriage failed after about 7 years. We divorced, and I became a single mother,” Lauren shared. However, the experience seems to have helped the reality TV star in her growth as she learned how to navigate life and be the best possible mother for her sons. When not working hard, she can be seen cheering her children on, either from the sidelines of a soccer field or as a caretaker.

Is Lauren Harpe Dating Anyone?

As of writing, Lauren does not seem to be in a relationship. Instead, the Texas native is focused on being the best possible mother for her two boys and doing well in her role as an educator. More than anything, she likes to spend time with her family and has been quite thankful for the love she has received from people around her. In fact, Lauren’s venture as a reality TV star has garnered much support from her loved ones. Her students were especially ecstatic about this since they knew just how much she loved the survival series. We wish her the very best for the future and hope that she has a wonderful life ahead.

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