Mauricio Leal’s Net Worth at the Time of His Death

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At the time of his death, Mauricio Leal was one of the richest and most popular stylists in the South American country of Colombia. Mauricio served some of the renowned celebrities in the country, who ranged from international models to national television personalities. His elite clientele and the reputation of his luxury salon made him immensely wealthy. Netflix’s murder mystery film ‘Crime Diaries: The Celebrity Stylist’ explores not only the intricacies associated with Mauricio’s murder but also his assets and finances, which are significant details as far as the active case is concerned!

How Did Mauricio Leal Make His Money?

Mauricio Leal had a humble beginning. He worked in different salons at the start of his career, “washing hair, sweeping, and serving red wine” in his own words, only to get settled with a below-minimum wage. After getting tired of washing hair, Mauricio claimed to his boss that he could be a good hairdresser. When the person gave him an opportunity, it only took him around six months to be the best in the place, as per his biography. When he started to be popular in Cali, he opened his own hair salon in the city. Soon, his shop became the most popular salon in Cali.

Mauricio showcased his talents in various events that range from weddings to celebrity photoshoots, all the while establishing a satisfactory source of income. To expand his success, Mauricio left Colombia and ended up in Miami, Florida, to open a new salon. The move, however, turned out to be disadvantageous for him due to his business partner’s affiliation with the son of a drug trafficker. Mauricio’s bank accounts were canceled and he was forced to return to Colombia. He then decided to restart his business in Bogotá, the capital city of the country.

In Bogotá, Mauricio established “Mauricio Leal Peluquería,” which grew to become the den of models and show business figures. His clientele eventually included singer-songwriter Fanny Lu, television presenter Carolina Cruz, singer Claudia Prieto, models Franse Santoya and Vanessa Domínguez, actress Jessica Cediel, etc. His worth and wealth increased gradually, along with his reputation in the country’s fashion and television industry. Although Mauricio Leal Peluquería was his main source of income, he had another commercial establishment in the municipality of Cajicá.


Mauricio Leal’s Net Worth

Mauricio owned a mansion in La Calera, where he lived with his mother Marleny Hernández. The house is worth more than half a million dollars. In addition, he owned three vehicles at the time of his demise, which were valued at 228,210,000 Colombian pesos or around $56,000. The celebrity stylist had around 1,620,217,270 Colombian pesos in his bank accounts, which equals around $0.4 million.

Taking Mauricio Leal’s two commercial establishments, one mansion, bank account savings, and the value of his vehicles into consideration, the stylist’s net worth at the time of his death could be estimated to be around $3.5 million.

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