Max’s Noah Wyle Series The Pitt Starts Filming in Los Angeles in July

Cameras will roll in the City of Angels for Noah Wyle’s return to the realm of medicine! The ‘ER’ star’s upcoming Max medical drama, ‘The Pitt,’ is set to start filming in Los Angeles, California, in July and last until February 2025. In addition to writing the first episode, R. Scott Gemmill serves as the series’ showrunner. Wyle and Gemmill also executive produce the series with John Wells, who will helm the first episode.

The show explores the challenges healthcare workers face in contemporary times. Set in a modern-day hospital in Pittsburgh, the series will examine the lives of frontline medical professionals, highlighting the issues they encounter in their daily work. Through its narrative, the 15-part show will provide a detailed look at the realities behind the healthcare system and medical staff.

Gemmill, known for his extensive work on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles‘ over a span of 14 years, brings a ton of experience to ‘The Pitt.’ His impressive portfolio also includes contributions to ‘Hawaii Five-O,’ ‘The Unit,’ and ‘Women’s Murder Club.’ Additionally, Gemmill’s history with medical dramas is highlighted by his writing role in ‘ER,’ which centers on the doctors at County General Hospital in Chicago, focusing on their personal and professional challenges while they provide patient care. The Max series marks a reunion for Wyle, Gemmill, and Wells, who previously collaborated on ‘ER.’

Wyle was most recently seen in ‘Leverage: Redemption’ as Harry Wilson, a lawyer who sets out to bring down rich criminals to make his daughter and wife proud after they leave him because of his past associations with his current targets. The actor starred as Peter Barris in the mystery thriller ‘At the Gates,’ in which a housekeeper’s son is caught in a precarious situation in Los Angeles. Wyle’s notable stint in ‘ER,’ where he appeared in over 250 episodes as Dr. John Carter, solidified his reputation as an actor adept at portraying medical professionals. Wyle’s affinity for medical roles is further evidenced by his performance as Dr. Evans in ‘Lab Rats’ and his involvement in the medical short film ‘Cigna: TV Doctors of America.’

Los Angeles is also home to other popular medical dramas like ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Additionally, the region serves as a backdrop for procedural shows such as ‘9-1-1‘ and ‘The Rookie.’

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