Where Is Melissa M. From My 600-lb Life Now?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ is an original series by the channel that depicts the inspirational stories of morbidly obese individuals who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. In each episode, the subject(s) turn to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, for guidance and supervision. And although he tailors his renowned program as per the needs of each of his patients, it’s ultimately down to how they proceed that dictates whether or not they would be approved for the weight loss assist surgery. One such individual is Melissa Marescot, the subject of season 9 episode 5. Let’s find out what she is up to now!

Melissa Marescot: My 600-lb Life Journey

As per the official synopsis of the episode, entitled ‘Melissa M.’s Story,’: “Melissa has isolated herself at home and lost many friends to avoid feeling the shame of what her food addiction has done to her body. Now, the only way to get her life back is to leave it behind to start a new one with Dr. Now’s help in Houston.” In the show, we meet Melissa Marescot, a 36-year-old residing in Sunrise, Florida, who has made a good life for herself in the city.

Even though she knew in her heart that she needed to let go and move on to turn over a new leaf, she didn’t want to relocate to Houston. However, she was ready to follow anything else that Dr. Now tells her to do. Melissa has always had trouble with her weight, starting from a very young age because of the verbal abuse she endured from her mother. To make up for the vile things she used to say, Melissa revealed that her mother always served her a hefty portion of food, making her clean up every last bit of it.

Things became worse when Melissa’s father – her best friend – left the family when she was eight. Furthermore, as if all that trauma wasn’t enough, Melissa wound up pregnant at the age of 15. She got an abortion and then dropped out of school because of guilt, regret, and depression. Food became her only source of comfort. Melissa was close to 400 lbs at the age of 18, but she still picked herself up and went back to school, graduating and then landing a job.

At 22, she even tried to go to college, but her unemployment intervened, and she shut herself in once again. Melissa lost her dad at 27, her mother at 35, and she also had a boyfriend who crossed some extreme boundaries. So, her world just spiraled, and she ended up tipping the scale at 592.8 lbs. The fact that Melissa couldn’t even attend her mother’s funeral is what became her wake up call. Thus, she set an appointment with Dr. Now in Houston and started her rollercoaster of a weight loss journey.

Where Is Melissa Marescot Now?

Along with shedding weight, Melissa Marescot wanted to push past her self-esteem issues, dehumanizing thought process, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, Dr. Now suggested that she try therapy as well. After months of being on a 1,200-calorie protein-based diet, doing exercises, and attending sessions with psychotherapist Matthew Paradise, Melissa ended up losing a total of over 150 lbs, coming down to 440. Despite the massive accomplishment, though, it still wasn’t enough for the surgery. So, Dr. Now asked Melissa to move to Houston, where he could monitor her progress.

However, Melissa, not wanting to give up her entire life in Florida, refused. Additionally, as she said in her episode, she didn’t see the point. After all, she had already started accomplishing the goals she had set for herself at the beginning of her journey; traveling, going outside, and having fun with friends. In fact, Melissa even started dating again, finding not only a partner but also a support system in Elijah, whom she met through her best friend, Shay. Unfortunately, as the Florida native has her social media profiles set on private, we have no idea how her weight loss journey or romantic life is going today.

In saying that, though, from what we can see from her display picture, it seems like Melissa Marescot has kept to her word and is still continuing the diet and exercise plans given to her. And who knows, maybe in a few months, we’ll see her in an update episode getting the gastric bypass surgery from Dr. Now. But until that happens, we just hope that she keeps looking forward to the future she has imagined for herself so as to not fall from the weight-loss wagon. “I’m not going to stop or give up until I’m living my best life yet and I get to where I need,” Melissa said at the end of her episode. “I’m going to do it.”

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