Where Are Escaping Polygamy Cast Members Now?

‘Escaping Polygamy’ is a docuseries on Lifetime which follows the work of three sisters, who were able to break free from the polygamous Kingston Clan, known as the Order. The sisters were born into the Salt Lake City-based group and since they didn’t choose the lifestyle, they decided to escape. Since then, they have helped friends, relatives, or anyone looking to break free from such groups. Since the series started airing, the women have all come a long way. So, where are they at present?

Where is Vanna Now?

Vanna Barlow broke away with her sister, Ariel, from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). Their escape went off without a hitch, but Ariel soon revealed that she was pregnant. This was back in 2017, so what is Vanna doing now? Well, she is a mother as well. Vanna has a daughter and she cannot stop doting on the little girl, as you can see from her post below.

She also remains quite close to her sister, which is evident in the post below.

Finally, we know that Vanna enjoyed the beauty of Arizona a while back. You can see her post about it below.

She is moving on in life, trying to be happy with her sister and child.

Where is Jennifer Now?

Jennifer escaped from the Order by jumping out of a three-story high window. She stated it was better than being controlled by her mother and father. However, the heart wants what the heart wants, and the latest reports about Jennifer suggest that she’s dating her first cousin, who is 12 years older than she is. Naturally, the unconventional relationship has raised some eyebrows, but Jennifer maintains a pretty low profile for her to be caught in the spotlight.

Where is Jessica Now?

Jessica Christensen was engaged to her 42-year-old uncle when she was 14. Jessica was on her way to becoming his third wife but escaped with the help of her aunt. Jessica continues to fight against polygamy and highlights the abuse she faced as a child, as well as her experiences with the lifestyle. She’s now married and has three children. You can check out a family photo below.

She has a master’s in social work and is quite a big foodie and fitness freak. Here’ a post about Vietnamese food from Jessica.

Where is Andrea Now?

Andrea Brewer managed to escape the polygamous life and was placed in foster care thanks to her aunt. She found her role models while in school, and decided to pursue a career in law. After graduating from the Pacific Lutheran University, Andrea went on to study law at the University of Washington. She is a practicing attorney now and helps others facing the same situation. Andrea believes that she did not make it on her own, and those escaping polygamous settings need the resources to readjust to society. With that in mind, she is one of the co-founders of ‘Hope After Polygamy.’ It is a non-profit seeking to provide all the opportunities that a polygamous setting cannot.

Most recently, Brewer seems as concerned as everybody else about the coronavirus pandemic and has exercised caution as you can see from this tweet below.

Where is Kollene Now?

Kollene Snow is not one of the original ladies on the show, but it would be remiss not to mention her. She married her second cousin when she was 16 but her husband later wanted more wives. Kollene wanted out, and she even tried to get her husband along with her. However, he chose religion over her, and since then, Kollene has become a fantastic makeup artist and esthetician. She also helps others escape polygamist families. You can check out Kollene’s skills as a makeup artist below.

She seems happy in her life and is trying new things. Check out her post below.

In conclusion, all the women we see in ‘Escaping Polygamy’ have found their place in life. Naturally, they cannot completely get over what happened to them, but they band together and try to help others find their footing in society. While some members have gone under the radar to an extent, others have built new careers for themselves.

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