Mia Wasikowska Reportedly Cast in ‘A Way Away’; Begins Filming This Fall

Mia Wasikowska has reportedly been cast in writer-director Sara Kern’s ‘A Way Away.’ The filming of the project is set to begin this fall. Wasikowska will star alongside Jette Ostan Vejrup. The plot revolves around 11-year-old Rana, who, following her mother’s injury, takes it upon herself to shield her younger sister from their untrustworthy uncle, who has stepped in to assist the family.

Wasikowska’s most recent project is the film ‘Club Zero,’ in which the actress portrayed a teacher who forges a close bond with five students at an elite school, leading to unforeseen danger. She played Abby in ‘Blueback,’ which revolves around a child who forms a connection with a wild blue grouper and embarks on a mission to save it from poachers, inspired by her activist mother. Additionally, in ‘Bergman Island,’ Wasikowska portrayed Amy, one half of a couple whose retreat to the island of Ingmar Bergman’s inspiration blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

Wasikowska also starred in ‘The Devil All the Time‘ as Helen Hatton and in the comedy thriller ‘Judy & Punch’ as Judy, a puppeteer striving to revive her show in a chaotic town. Her recent credits also include films like ‘Blackbird,’ ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass,’ and ‘The Man with the Iron Heart.’

Kern previously wrote and directed ‘Moja Vesna,’ which depicts the story of ten-year-old Moja, who deals with her fragmented family after her mother’s sudden passing as she strives to reconcile with her troubled older sister Vesna and distant father. The filmmaker also helmed the short film ‘Vesna Goodbye,’ focusing on ten-year-old Emi’s efforts to connect with her distant sister Vesna following their mother’s death.

Kern also penned and directed ‘Srecno, Orlo!’ in which Orlo, amid his loved ones’ grief over the loss of his baby sibling, attempts to mend his family dynamics with good intentions that lead to unforeseen consequences. The director’s credits include ‘Maks,’ which narrates the journey of eight-year-old Maks as he visits his grandmother, only to find things have changed since his last visit. Her portfolio encompasses short films such as ‘Mladost’ and ‘Casovna Banka’ as well.

Slovenia, the principal location of the movie, is known for its picturesque landscapes. Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight‘ and Prime Video’s ‘Citadel‘ are two of the several popular productions previously shot in the region.

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