Michael O’Brien: Where is The Mole Season 2 Winner Now?

The second season of Netflix’s ‘The Mole’ transported us to Malaysia in a thrilling competition involving teamwork, deduction, and deceit. With Ari Shapiro as the host, the reality show followed 12 players, one of whom secretly worked as a mole to sabotage the group. Michael O’Brien, a good-natured parking manager, stood out as the challenges progressed for being one of the most guileful and hard-to-read contestants. In the fortune cookie game of bluff, he became the only one to successfully secure an exception for himself while his fellow challengers sniffed out everyone else who did not have cash tickers in their cookies.

The 30-year-old was also quick to catch on to Sean Bryan hiding details about his past and watched a movie on him to confirm his suspicions. He even confronted Sean and had him reveal further information, but he kept playing pragmatically while hedging his bets. That is, until the time came for him to guess the mole for good, only to be right and, thus, get to walk away with $154,000. With his charming and enigmatic nature, he became the center of attention during many pivotal moments in the show and certainly had us seeking to learn more about him by the end.

Michael O’Brien Has Made New Strides in the World of Modelling

In addition to his work as a Parking Manager, Michael O’Brien began foraying into the world of modeling in 2023. Under Bridge Models, a London and New York-based modeling and influencer agency, he had a slick portfolio created for him and began looking for opportunities. His sharp look and unique features highlighted the outfits he wore in photoshoots and opened the doors to his first opportunity in the field. Standing 5’10” tall with naturally auburn hair that complements his complexion, the budding model certainly stands out as he sports any outfit with cool confidence.

By the end of the year, the New Yorker was featured in Target’s catalog of Goodfellow & Co. He effortlessly pulled off a casual and stylish look, modeling regular-fit T-shirts and Hoodies with his fiery hair and beard accentuating their shades. 2024 saw him adding further varied outfits and styles to his modeling portfolio, which, combined with his newfound fame, is sure to bring forth further opportunities for him in the fashion industry.

Michael is Blessed with Loving Family and Friends

The 30-year-old’s jolly nature seen on ‘The Mole’ wasn’t just an act to throw off his fellow contestants but stems from a life of forming heartwarming connections with his friends and family. The New York native often fondly talks about his family members as being pillars of support, with them cheering him on his every venture. Michael shared a close bond with his mother, Laurie O’Brien, who inspired and motivated him. Sadly, she passed away in 2006 when he was merely 13. He also seems to have a very good as well as respectful relationship with his father, Ken O’Brien, and looks forward to spending time with him, which often involves a couple of beers.

Michael’s sister, Megan Fournier, is married, and he became a doting uncle when she gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter at the end of 2022. Michael is openly gay and appears to be single, amusingly joking about it on his Instagram, saying, “I don’t always dress up, but when I do, someone else is getting married.” His childhood best friend is Stephen Zurich, who works as an analyst for MSCI Private Capital Solutions. Their friendship has spanned over 30 years, with the two often referring to each other as brothers.

Michael is an Avid Football Player with FLAG

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Michael is a part of FLAG (Friends, Lesbian, and Gays) Football in Boston. He often travels across the country to compete in tournaments with his teammates, who participate in activities together outside of their sport as well. They became the Superfab Bowl Champions as a part of team Purple, with ‘The Mole’ contestant serving as co-captain in November 2023. The team also won the the 2018 Spring FLAG Flag Football League Championship, with Michael taking to Instagram and writing, “One of the best feeling in the world! Extremely proud of our team and winning the 2018 Spring FLAG Flag Football League Championship!” As Michael O’Brien ramps up his foray into modeling, he seems to have reduced his footballing activities but is heartily cheered on by his community.

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