Mike Coy From Tex Mex Motors: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Mike Coy/Instagram

Thanks to Netflix’s ‘Tex Mex Motors,’ viewers get an insight into the world of car restoration and how great minds coming together can do wonders for any vehicle, no matter its condition. The group of experts in the reality show is led by Mike Coy, who is well-known for his skills with cars and his knowledge of classics that one cannot help but drool over. His expertise has helped in the sales the restored cars and allowed the world to know just how creative he is. If you are one of his fans and are eager to learn whatever you can about him, here is everything we know about the same!

Mike Coy’s Background

Mike Coy is the son of Steve Coy and is quite passionate about everything related to cars and has developed quite a knowledge bank when it comes to four-wheelers. However, he is also quite a fan of competitive motorcycle sports, having attended many prestigious events for the same over the years. Given the prestige that Mike has accumulated over the years, it is no wonder that Mike is quite popular on the Internet. In fact, he has more than 221 thousand Instagram followers, while his Facebook fan following is close to 36 thousand.

As expected from a Rodeo fan, Mike is quite an animal lover, and his dog, Nacho, is even seen in the reality show as the “shop dog.” In fact, when discussing the name under which the group of six should work, he suggested the name Nacho’s Garage though the team eventually settled for Borderline Customs. Additionally, Mike is quite fond of tattoos, and his body is full of various ink impressions. However, there seems to be nothing that he enjoys more than spending some quality time with his friends.

Mike Coy’s Profession

Mike has been active in the world of automobiles for more than two decades and has only come to love his job even more. As a part of Gas Monkey Garage, he was seen in multiple episodes of Discovery’s ‘Fast N Loud’ as he dazzled the customers and the viewers alike with his skills as a customer paint job artist. In the Netflix show, we see him continuing his excellent work in the field, resulting in some highly eye-catching rides that one cannot ignore.

Mike has met many well-known celebrities throughout his career, including Rikki Rockett, with whom he is a good friend. The celebrity drummer was even seen in ‘Tex Mex Motors’ as a customer for whom Mike had especially built and painted a classic car.

Mike Coy’s Girlfriend and Kid

As for writing, Mike is reportedly dating Costanza Pri. The two seemingly got together in late 2019, and she was often featured on his social media from 2020 to 2021. However, the pictures of the two have not been seen recently, making one wonder if they are indeed still together. Given the continued presence of the old images and lack of any announcement on behalf of Mike for the same, we are inclined to believe that the two are indeed still together. Additionally, he is a proud father of Connor, and the father-son duo seems to share a passion for automobiles, something that is certain to make the Netflix star pretty happy.

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