Is Mike D Married? Does He Have Kids?

Michael Louis Diamond, better known as Mike D, is an American rapper and founding member of the influential hip hop group Beastie Boys. Mike D not only raps, but he can sing and play drums as well. Born on November 20, 1965, in New York, Michael grew up in a Jewish household with his art dealer father, Harold Diamond, and interior designer mother, Hester Diamond. He even got his education from Saint Ann’s School and Walden School, both arts-oriented schools, so it was only natural that he pursued a career in a creative field as well.

Michael has spent most of his life living in New York, whether it be the Upper West Side, Tribeca, or in Brooklyn. If not in New York, then Michael spends his time in his home in Malibu, which is located near a secluded beach.

Michael Diamond’s Wife

In 1993, Michael Diamond married film, television, and music video director Tamra Davis. Tamara Davis is mostly known for being the director of movies like ‘Half Baked’ in 1998, ‘Billy Maddison’ in 1995, and ‘Crossroads’ in 2002. She has most recently also directed a few episodes of ‘High School Musical: The Musical – The Series’ and ‘Miracle Workers.’

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The couple were together and married for almost 23 years before they decided to be legally separated. They are not divorced, they are not married, just legally separated. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Michael said: “Tamra’s awesome. But you get to a point where you realize, just because someone’s great, that’s not the end-all reason to stay with them. It can be, but it doesn’t always work out like that.”

They still live close to each other, though, and appear to be on excellent terms with each other. There have been no reports or news about Michael dating anybody else after Tamara, so it seems like he is enjoying his single life.

Mike D Kids

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Michael and Tamara have two sons together: Davis Diamond and Skyler Diamond. The two kids spent the early ages of their life in New York before the family moved to Malibu, California. In an interview with Dazed, Michael clarified the reasoning for this by stating: “I made a conscious decision for the first part of their lives to raise them in New York City, because I didn’t want them to not have the hassles of life. If you live in New York, it doesn’t even matter if you have money, it’s still a hassle, but in California, everything’s nice.”

Davis and Skylar Diamond are teenagers now, and they divide their time with both their parents equally, as when the couple separated, they had decided that they wanted to co-parent “50-50.”

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