Mike Jones: Where is Diana Duve’s Boyfriend Now?

When Diana Duve disappeared, her mother reached out to Duve’s boyfriend at the time, Mike Jones, seeking information on her whereabouts. However, Jones provided vague responses, and shortly afterward, he also vanished. Authorities focused their efforts on locating Jones, recognizing that finding him was crucial to locating Duve. In CBS’ ’48 Hours’ episode ‘Where is Diana Duve’, what began as a missing person case transitions to a homicide investigation following the discovery of Duve’s body, with suspicions centering on Jones.

Mike Jones Had a History of Domestic Violence

Michael “Mike” Jones hailed from a financially affluent background, enjoying the privileges of attending private school and having his material desires, like motorcycles, fulfilled. However, for reasons undisclosed, Jones experienced a rift with his parents during his law studies, leading to a period of estrangement. By 2012, Jones resided in Fort Lauderdale, where he was romantically involved with a woman. During this period, he faced legal trouble when she filed a complaint against him, resulting in a charge of aggravated stalking for making death threats. Jones entered a plea of no contest to the charge and was still serving probation when he relocated to Vero Beach, Florida.

By the summer of 2013, Jones had established himself in Vero Beach, where he held a position as a wealth manager at PNC Bank. He garnered admiration not only from his colleagues but also from his superiors, who praised his work ethic and sense of responsibility. During one evening at a bar, Jones crossed paths with Diana Duve, and their subsequent relationship quickly blossomed. Duve introduced Jones to her circle of friends and family, all of whom took a liking to him. Initially, everything seemed to be going smoothly in their relationship until it took a turn for the worse.

Duve moved in with Jones, but signs of abuse soon surfaced. In April 2014, their neighbor contacted the police to report a domestic disturbance. Although Duve chose not to disclose anything to the authorities at the time, she later confided in a friend, revealing marks on her neck and recounting the incident where Jones had attempted to strangle her. As a result, Duve began to distance herself from Jones, and their relationship became increasingly tumultuous. On June 19, while out with friends, Duve received a text from Jones requesting to meet. It is alleged that she intended to end their relationship that night.

The couple met at a bar, and Duve was last seen leaving with Jones. Their encounter turned violent, with Jones hitting and ultimately strangling her to death upon reaching home. He then placed her body in the trunk of her car and left it parked at a Publix parking lot in Florida. Three days after the murder, Duve’s body was discovered. Jones was located at the Holiday Inn, where he had checked in for two days, paid with cash, and instructed the front desk to keep his presence there confidential. He was subsequently charged with first-degree murder and pleaded not guilty.

Mike Jones is in Prison Today

The prosecutors asserted that Michael “Mike” Jones had a documented history of abusive behavior, with former girlfriends accusing him of being controlling and physically violent. Additionally, blood droplets matching Diana Duve’s DNA were discovered in Jones’ garage, and geolocation data from his phone placed him at locations where Diana’s body was found. The prosecution sought the death penalty for Jones.

His defense team countered by highlighting Jones’ alleged history of being physically abused by his father during his upbringing. They also made claims about his involvement in numerous accidents related to his motorcycle racing hobby from the age of 12 to his early 20s which resulted in head injuries, arguing against imposing the death penalty. The jury rendered a guilty verdict for the murder, but due to a split decision of 11-1 on the death penalty, Mike Jones received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Presently, the 41-year-old is serving his sentence at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Florida.

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