Million Dollar Decorators: Where Are the Interior Designers Now?

Striving for perfection on all counts, Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Decorators’ chronicles the journey of five interior designers who do everything in their power to keep their clientele satisfied. The reality series features the challenges that the sought-after professionals see in their line of work. With unending demands and limited timeframes, the designers use their years of experience to deliver the right design for actors, singers, and pop stars. Years after the five individuals showcased the glamorous yet stressful environment of the world of design, fans have continued to wonder more about their latest whereabouts.

Mary McDonald is Inspired By Antiquated Structures Even Today

Internationally published and award-winning designer Mary McDonald represented her keen eye for detail and style in Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Home.’ Since the show, the acclaimed author and stylist has been focusing on extending her artistic flair even more. With a keen interest in French architecture and style, Mary continues to draw inspiration from cultures, history, and antiquated structures. The television personality’s published work, ‘Mary McDonald: Interiors: The Allure of Style,’ captivates the same vibrant and whimsical style that May hopes to bring into her designs.

Her written work explores an array of themes that even invoke old-fashioned elegance. The award-winning book is just one of her many recent milestones. Most recently, Mary was included in the 2023 Elle Decor A-List. Having made her first cover over 20 years ago, she continues to make strides as a professional. Most recently, she was asked to be the Design Chair for Flower Magazine’s Show House in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles. The avid traveler recently released another line of wallpaper for Schumacher. Her fabrics and trim can also be found at the L.A. Design Center. When she’s not working, the television personality likes to unwind with her husband, Peter Webster, and their two children.

Kathryn Ireland is Now An Educator Too

Having been born and raised in England, Kathryn began her interior design business in the early ‘90s. Before kickstarting her now lucrative and expansive business, Kathryn had been working as an actress, a clothing designer, and a filmmaker. Now one of the top interior designers in the world, the television personality’s signature style is known to exude warmth and comfort. While her designs have been lauded for their exceptional vibes, the designer has an extensive textile line. Since her time on the Bravo show, Kathry has continued to grow as a professional. Fans can head to her website and sign up for Create Academy’s Artfully Edited Interiors to learn more about designs with the savant herself.

She has collated academy courses to help people create the same artfully edited interiors that they’ve grown to love. The expert even provides 1:1 video consultation for potential clients and people who are looking to spruce up their space. In these meetings, Kathryn even provides support and guidance to her clients to help them create a space they’ve always desired. While her endless strive for perfection has helped her evolve her collections, she has also zeroed in on the years of work she’s done over the years in her book, ‘A Life in Design.’ Kathryn is also the founder of The Perfect Room, a unique stop for customers to find items curated by top designers around the world. On the personal front, the ‘The Bangles: Walking Down Your Street’ actress is married to Gary Weis. Together, the duo are parents to three boys.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Serves A-List Clientele Even Today

Martyn’s list of accolades and honors seems inexhaustible. From getting named one of the world’s top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest to getting permanently featured in Elle Decor’s A-List, the ‘Million Dollar Decorators’ star has consistently amassed a plethora of honors. Born in London, Martyn had begun his journey in the realm of design by the time he turned 13. Over the years, his works have been exhibited in renowned publications. He has worked with clients like John Stamos, Sylvester Stallone, Christina Aguilera, three of the Kardashian sisters, Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, and even Tommy Hilfiger.

Besides his stint on the Bravo series, Martin has also appeared in ‘Hollywood Me,’ ‘The Talk,’ and ‘Jane By Design.’ While his design studio has grown exponentially, Martyn’s eponymous collection of indoor and outdoor fabric has also accrued wide acclaim. In addition to textiles, his brand also includes wallpapers, furniture, and home accessories for clients to peruse. The monographs of the designer’s work ‘Live, Love, & Decorate’ and ‘Design & Decoration’ have also been published. Most recently, the television personality collaborated with brands like DUCHATEAU, The Shade Store, Corbett Lighting, and Harbour Outdoor. His latest published work, ‘Star Style’ zeroes in on the glamorous world of interior design in detail.

Nathan Turner Wears Several Hats

Born and brought up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nathan’s inherent love for California inspired him to grow his knowledge consistently. Having spent a few years in France, the television personality found himself enthralled by the country’s enriching art history, language, and cuisine. Upon returning to Los Angeles, he kickstarted an eponymous store in Los Angeles that combined his love for design, travel, and food. Over the years, his work has been featured in regional and national publications like Domino, Elle Decor, Vogue Living, House Beautiful, Food & Wine, and C Magazine. He has even dabbled in textiles and launched the Elite Leather upholstery collection in 2008.

Nathan’s latest cookbook, ‘I Love California,’ is a homage to his home state. The book takes the readers through the simple and comfortable recipes commonly consumed by Californians. The work also details tips for entertaining and features interiors never seen before. A parent to two labradors, Luca and Wally, Nathan continues to share his unique insight on design and decoration with fans. Most recently, he was a guest on ‘The Today Show,’ where he broke down the importance of paint and design. Now a special projects editor at Architectural Digest and contributing editor at C Magazine, Nathan continues to highlight his extensive knowledge in a myriad of ways.

Jeffrey Alan Marks Seems to be in a Happy Place

With a unique perspective that catered to more than just the appeal of a design, Jeffrey Alan Marks managed to create a memorable impression on viewers during his time on the Bravo reality series. Since the show, the author of ‘This is Home’ and ‘The Meaning of Home’ has continued to climb the ladder of success. Based in East Hampton, Jeffrey continues to find domestic bliss with his husband, Greg, and their daughter, Montecito. Having designed eponymous products for Kravet, The Rug Company, A. Rudin, Palecek, and The Tile Shop, the designer seeks to create designing marvels even years later.

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