Million Pound Menu Season 2: Where Are Restaurateurs Now?

Depicting a penchant for success and taste, BBC Two’s ‘Million Pound Menu’ features budding restaurateurs who try to win over investors in a feat to establish their restaurants. With minimal time and tough competition, the aspiring chefs and managers try to depict the unique premise of their food and how it can set to profit the investors. Released in 2019, season 2 of the culinary show features six nascent restaurateurs who try to win over considerable investment. Years after it first came to air, fans are curious to find out if the businesses have turned out to be lucrative.

Lee Johnson and Sinead Campbell are Promoting Filipino Flavors With BBQ Dreamz

Partners Lee Johnson and Sinead Campbell sought a £350,000 investment to capture Filipino food’s vivacity and vibrant nature. While the duo was granted the money, they were also advised to upgrade their food stall’s name to something highlighting its Filipino character. And so, Lee, who grew up in Manilla, and Campbell, who is originally from Ireland, kickstarted their journey to bring Filipino cuisine to London.

After their stint on ‘Million Pound Menu,’ Lee and Sinead held a pop-up at Meat Liquor in King’s Cross and kept serving food to customers at their regular KERB street food market spot. Months later, they opened Bong Bong’s Manila Kanteen in the heart of Covent Garden at Seven Dials Market. The couple juxtaposed their Filipino-inspired menu with an ambiance capable of transporting diners to Manila. However, their success was met with troubles when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. While the couple managed to stay afloat during the first wave, they had to put down their shutters during the second wave temporarily.

Ultimately, the couple and their team managed to bounce back and have continued to scale their operations. Sinead has also appeared on Evan O’Ceallaigh’s podcast, where she opened up about life in the hospitality industry. Besides work, Lee and Sinead take time out for their friends and family and continue achieving personal and professional milestones.

Liz Selway and Alec Owen are Spicing Up Camden With Baba G’s Now

A serendipitous meeting with a holy man in India led Liz Selway and Alec Owen to name their restaurant after Baba G. After the couple’s Indian-spiced Bhangra burgers and fries struck investor and two-time Michelin-star chef Atul Kochhar, the duo easily won the £300,000 investment they sought to open two restaurants. Yet, the pair eventually dropped Kochhar’s investment as the deal took longer to work out than they had anticipated. Moreover, Liz and Alec were offered a dream opportunity and the perfect location in Camden to kickstart their restaurant.

As such, the couple came up with the investment themselves and continued to accelerate as life and business partners. Nevertheless, they still share cordial relations with Atul Kochhar, who even mentored the budding restauranteurs. Over time, the duo has accrued wide renown and opened restaurants and pop-ups at several locations, including London Bridge, Brixton, Peckham, and Brockley. On the personal front, Liz and Alec also enjoy familial bliss with their son, Abraham.

Jamie Duffield, Dave Bone, and Anthony Power are Keeping the Spirit of Pilgrim Alive

With a unique concept and powerful combination, Jamie, Dave, and Anthony managed to wow investors on ‘Million Pound Menu.’ Their idea relied on a 9th-century Spanish tradition called Camino de Santiago, where pilgrims would walk through France and Spain to visit the tomb of St. James. After walking away with an offer from investor Matt Farrell, the trio opened their first bricks and mortar site in Duke Street Market, Liverpool.

While the restaurant has temporarily closed its doors, the reality stars still make strides in their personal and professional lives. After walking the Camino De Santiago in 2017, Jamie devised the idea for Pilgrim. Years later, the reality star is still dabbling into new opportunities. Apart from work, the star enjoys spending time with his partner and son -Arlen.

After leaving the Head Chef position at Pilgrim, Dave, who has been working in professional kitchens since he was 15, now holds the position of Creative Consultant in London. On the personal front, the culinary expert continues to enjoy life with family and friends. Finally, Anthony Powers – chef, author, business owner, and founding member of Root+Bone magazine, who was also instrumental in launching Movember in 2003, has since returned to Australia.

Image Credit: David Bone/LinkedIn

After completing his stint with Pilgrim in 2020, the star started working with Supernormal as Venue Manager in Melbourne. He is currently the General Manager of Operations at Scott Pickett Group in Australia. With years of varied experience in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, and London, Anthony continues to channel his expertise in his work and enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

Tanya Gohil is Fusing Cultures at Devi’s

Collating the experiences of her Kenyan-Gujarati-Rajasthani-Persian ancestry, Tanya stepped into the hospitality industry at the age of 27. By 2015, she was selling Indian street food in London to raise money for an all-girls school in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. After securing mentorship from Laura Harper on ‘Million Pound Menu,’ Tanya went on to solidify the intersectional tastes of her ancestry at Maltby Street Market in London.

While the reality star also had robust plans to launch Devi’s first outlet in 2020, the idea was shelved primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, Tanya did not deter; in 2021, she opened the Silk Road Deli in Glasgow. Readers and fans can find the establishment at 34 Minard Road in Glasgow. Apart from work, Tanya also creates personal milestones and enjoys spending time with her partner, Ross Lunniss.

Scott De Lima and Lacey Miles are Exploring New Horizons Post Tiger Bites

After discovering their mutual interest in Asian food through their travels, ex-couple Scott De Lima and Lacey Miles started Tiger Bites in 2017. Their idea relied on a food concept that fused Traditional Taiwanese bao buns and filled them with Western-influenced flavors. While the duo did not get £250,000 in investment to open a restaurant, they still walked away with an offer by Will Shu that earned them a spot in Deliveroo’s kitchen.

In addition to their pop-up at Deliveroo, the duo held residencies at Shoreditch, Rivington Street, Dalston, and Nunhead. Ultimately, Scott and Lacey shut down the business and began exploring new paths. Lacey has since resumed working as a private chef and likes to keep her life under wraps. Meanwhile, Scott returned to his musical roots and continues to expand and grow with ‘The Manor,’ a UK-based hip-hop group. In addition to touring, the group releases new music. Some of their songs include, ‘Ibiza,’ ‘All Goes Cold,’ and ‘Pumped Up.’

Adam Wood and Gethin Davies are Carrying Forward Welsh Traditions Post Coracle

In a feat to celebrate Welsh produce and cooking traditions they grew up with, Adam and Gethin launched Coracle. Despite failing to secure a £750,000 investment to establish their restaurant in London, the childhood friends have continued to succeed. The duo had held successful pop-ups at Borough Wines in Canonbury and several places in Wales before closing the doors on their idea.

After Coracle was dissolved, Adam became Head Chef at Garden House based in Cambridge. The reality star is currently leading the team at Noble Rot Mayfair in Shepherd Market, London. As for Gethin, the reality star found his calling outside the kitchen. He has since taken up the position of General Manager at the Woodhead Restaurant Group. On the personal front, Gethin enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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