Molly and Kelly: 90 Day Fiancé Couple is No Longer Together

Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown’s relationship took shape in front of the masses, naturally making many in the public eager to know what they can about the couple’s life. Their participation in the TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ franchise has been far from simple and has often led to unexpected controversies. Ultimately, the two decided to pin their hopes on the opportunity provided by TLC’s ’90 Day: The Last Resort,’ though things did not turn out exactly how one might have expected. So, let’s dive right and find the answers, shall we?

Molly and Kelly’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey

It was actually in the fifth season of ’90 Day Fiancé that the world first met Molly Hopkins. At the time, she was planning to marry Luis Mendez, a Dominican Republic citizen. However, the two ended up divorcing in 2018, though Molly did appear in ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ season 3. Not long after, in ’90 Day: The Single Life,’ Molly shares that she had started dating Kelly Brown. The two got to know each other after Kelly had messaged Molly on Instagram, and the rest was history.

Of course, the path that Molly and Kelly had embarked upon was far from easy. For one thing, Molly was adamant that Kelly should establish a good connection with her two children, Olivia and Kensley Hopkins. Following that, Kelly had to win the approval of his partner’s friends, though he also had to contend with the fact that Molly did not seem to trust him completely. The couple did try to find ways to establish trust between them while also trying to come to a consensus about the topic of future children, with Molly seemingly unwilling to have children at the time.

During their June 2022 appearance in ’90 Day Diaries,’ it seemed like Molly and Kelly had been able to navigate their differences, as indicated by their excitement about moving in together soon. Molly also disclosed the details of her hysterectomy and the possibility that the couple might adopt a child in the near future. However, by late 2022, reports started to emerge that Molly and Kelly might have parted ways on not-so-good terms.

In February 2023, a representative for Molly shared that she and Kelly had indeed parted ways around the Thanksgiving celebration of the previous year. Later in the year, it was reported that the reason behind the separation stemmed from the fact that Kelly had apparently gotten into a physical altercation with Olivia, Molly’s older daughter. According to reports by In Touch Weekly, law enforcement released an arrest warrant for Kelly on July 3, 2023, for charges related to physical harassment and verbal threats that were filed against him on March 27, 2023. The warrant was apparently issued because Kelly had missed a court date, but it was eventually dismissed.

Are Molly and Kelly Still Together?

Given the sheer drama that Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown’s relationship seemed surrounded by, their efforts to salvage their relationship in ’90 Day: The Last Resort.’ were watched by many of the fans. However, it seemed like their chance for reconciliation was doomed from the start. Thanks to the mandated therapy sessions that are a part of the series, Molly confessed that she had not been much impressed when her partner moved to Georgia after leaving his job behind in New York. Among Kelly’s many regrets, one that seemed to stick out was the fact that Molly told him she did not love him while they were at the resort, feeling that the two could have been relieved of much pain had she been honest about it with him while they were still in Georgia.

Molly herself felt like Kely did not give her ample respect as a business owner. Despite Kelly’s resentment towards Molly and the latter’s apparent genuine regret about not being the person Kelly needed her to be, both parties agreed that it would be best for them if they parted ways for good this time. Hence, Molly and Kelly became the only couple to walk out of the show before the re-commitment ceremony, saying goodbye to the viewers in the eighth episode of the first season, which consisted of a total of twelve parts. As of writing, it does seem like the two have said their final farewell and are trying to move on with their lives.

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