Review: La Casa de Papel Season 4 Episode 2

Doubt and conflict have no place in a job that depends on teamwork. They can bring down even a meticulously laid-out plan, and the Professor and his team have witnessed its effects in their previous heist as well. Despite his warning, they carry this baggage with them once again, and we find their bonds weakening, if not breaking entirely.

The fight for captaincy between Tokyo and Palermo leads to a dangerous outcome. The situation is aggravated by Arturo, who has never given us a reason to like him. He knows the group all too well, and the fact that they have not taken him seriously enough nags at us.

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

As Nairobi’s life hangs in the balance, the team has to rely on their training to operate without the guidance they had been receiving previously. Palermo is outraged with everyone following Tokyo’s command. He decides to leave, hoping to get a deal for himself in exchange for the state secrets.

After talking with Tokyo, the Professor realizes that Lisbon might be alive. However, this scares him of betrayal from her. She might not do it willingly, but he knows that sooner or later, Sierra will find a way to strongarm her. It means that he has a tiny window of getting to her first. Lisbon is brought to the tent for questioning, and Sierra offers her a tempting deal.

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Titled ‘Berlin’s Wedding’, this episode of ‘Money Heist’ opens the layers of its characters, changing our perspective for some and reinstating the deep-seated personas of others. To begin with, it shines a new light on Tokyo. In truth, I have never been a fan of her. Since the beginning, she has stirred more trouble than she is worth.

She is a well-written character, no doubt. For sure, every one of us has met a person in our lives who is like her, though much more toned down. She has her moments, but often, her acts of rebellion are rather irritating, especially when she commits them against the Professor, whom she calls her guardian angel. This time, however, there is a different air about her.

Maybe, it is watching Nairobi bleed to her death, or perhaps she is still coming to terms with breaking up with Rio, for whom she had dragged everyone else with her to the Bank in the first place. Whatever it might be, she is more composed, and even acts as the voice of reason for the Professor, who has witnessed a character flip of his own. It is refreshing not to be mad at her, for once. Hopefully, this is permanent character development, and she won’t return to her previous ways.

The Professor, who didn’t know what to do anymore in the last episode, jumps back in the game when Tokyo tells him that he has been played. If Lisbon is alive, then he will have to formulate a plan to get her out of there as soon as possible. But before that, the thought that crosses his mind is betrayal. What if Lisbon spills all the secrets?

He tells Marseilles that everyone can betray him; it’s just a matter of time. We don’t know a lot about Marseilles, but he, for sure, is hurt by this, and so are we, a little. After everything, the one thing the Professor could give to his team, and the woman he loves, is his trust. His paranoia is explained through the flashbacks where his charming but psycho brother gives him relationship advice! The silver lining about this is that he is ready to take charge again.

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