La Casa de Papel Season 4 Episode 3 Review

The situation has been assessed. It is not as bad as the Professor had believed, but there is still scope for damage. Palermo’s actions inside the Bank have further complicated things, and the Professor is well aware of his need to be in charge. There are a lot of problems, but they can only be solved one step at a time. The Professor needs to prioritize, and he finds it best to first reach out to Lisbon and tell her to hold on.

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Now that the Professor has confirmed that Lisbon is alive, he needs a messenger to send to her. He finds one in Antoñanzas, a cop who has been disturbed with the way their approach towards handling the situation is becoming more and more illegal. It takes comes convincing, by hook and by crook, but he agrees to do the job.

On the advice of Bogota, Denver tries to please Stockholm but becomes suspicious of her growing friendship with Rio, who just wants to talk to someone about his trauma. Meanwhile, Palermo, who is stripped of his position as a team member, finds a way to ensue chaos. Arturo continues to be a nuisance. Nairobi shows some improvement.

Money Heist Season 4 Episode 3 Review

Alicia Sierra pokes Lisbon to take the deal. She knows that the one thing she can use against her former colleague is her daughter. The sweeping of the van through which Lisbon and the Professor had previously co-ordinated the heist brings new evidence to light. Once again, Alberto, Raquel’s ex, proves that he is excellent at what he does and comes up with a way to locate her daughter.

As the clock ticks on the deal in front of Lisbon, who becomes increasingly anxious to take it, the Professor becomes worried about her getting his message. A similar yearning of sending their love across is seen in Denver. In the last episode, he had lost his calm with Arturo, and while that action was wholly justified, it made Stockholm reconsider their relationship.

This enraged and hot-headed man wasn’t the one with whom she had fallen in love. Denver tries to win her back, but before he can make that move, he sees her talking to Rio. A suspicion takes hold in his mind about them. He fails to see why he is driving her away, and instead of fixing his issues, he lashes out at others for being understanding of each other.

The episode also takes some time to focus on the PTSD of Rio. He was released in the last season, but the torture he had to endure isn’t something that can just disappear once he is out of it. He finds a friend in Stockholm; he is dealing with his issues. But this also makes him the weakest link, and others are quick to take advantage of it.

By the end of the episode, a new problem pops up for the robbers. The Professor doesn’t even get enough time to catch his breath from losing Lisbon, then getting her back, and ensuring she doesn’t switch sides. Now, a more significant threat is at hand, and this is something that not everyone might survive.

Things continue to move at a fast pace for ‘Money Heist’. There are no breaks, and by far, the season has continued to be as engaging as its predecessors. From the way this episode ends, it looks like the real challenge has emerged now. Plagued by their insecurities and skirmishes, it will not be easy for them to get out of this situation unscathed, not unless they set aside their differences—all of them.

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