Monosuit on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

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Monosuit is a revolution in the world of fashion, made possible by Mia Murr, as the innovation and practicality associated with it make it a one-of-a-kind jumpsuit, blending contemporary style with futuristic functionality. Murr got inspired by space science and the idea of interplanetary travel in order to come up with a solution that solves a wide range of practical issues faced by almost everyone wearing a one-piece, including pocket storage issues, as well as giving an additional sense of style to one’s overall outfit. To scale this business and reach more people, Mia Murr presented her pitch for Monosuit in ‘Shark Tank‘ season 15 episode 4. Thus, the utility and innovation of the products of Monosuit are enough to make you want to know more about the company and chart its growth! Here is all the information you might require!

Monosuit: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The New York-based unisex brand — Monosuit — is the brainchild of the female entrepreneur, Maria Agapkina, also known as Mia Murr. Apart from completing her higher education at Central Saint Martins, British Higher School of Art & Design, and Accademia d’arte, Florence, Mia also worked as an Associate Director at EY until 2017. Although she was a fan of jumpsuits because of how versatile they are, the struggle associated with them always made her think twice before actually wearing them. However, she managed to find a perfect solution to tackle this issue by adding a system of secret lower-back zippers.

When people on the streets started noticing Mia’s innovative jumpsuits and asking where she got them, it gave her the idea to make a new clothing brand out of it. Her unique vision turned her friend, Elena Skazhenyuk, into the company’s co-founder and its sales and marketing Leader, and together they came up with the simplistic yet memorable brand name — Monosuit, which means one suit. Starting out in Moscow, Russia, in 2013, Monosuit gained traction over the years which turned it into a multinational company, leading Mia to expand it into the United States.

Talking about her motivation to start a brand like Monosuit during a conversation with Office Magazine in December 2021, Mia explained, “The main motivation for me to start a brand was actually two different things. First of all, I really love fashion and I have an artistic background. I’m an artist in my heart. And fashion is really what I’ve dreamed of since my childhood. But at the same time, I can see that fashion has what I call a ‘dark side’ and I know most people do not like to talk about that. That is what mostly worried me about designing — the whole process of creating and utilizing clothes. Now, the majority of clothes, they live for what I would call a linear lifecycle — we are buying stuff and using it, but then those clothes are dying somewhere in a landfill.”

With sustainability and utility at the heart of Monosuit, the innovative and futuristic-looking jumpsuits come with a patented system of secret lower back zippers, which solves a bunch of awkward issues that come with wearing a regular one-piece outfit, especially during restroom visits. Moreover, the monosuit allows the wearer to mix it up as it can be worn in different ways — with the zipper at the front, the back, or even upside down — giving the consumers the ability to adjust to any environmental conditions, personal mood, and styling ideas, thanks to the product’s versatility. Leading with monosuits, Mia, who also serves as the Lead Fashion Designer at the company, introduced a bunch of other wearables, including Monoskins, dresses, tops, bottom wear, and various kinds of accessories.

Monosuit: Where Are They Now?

Even though Monosuit was founded in 2013, it was only in 2018 that the brand became a global phenomenon, after expanding into the States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. Upon receiving a seed round of investment in the USA, the first breakthrough for the company came which led to the launch of an updated website, new collections, and further business expansion. From the year 2019, things got even better for Monosuit as revealed by Mia in an interview with Not Just a Label in March 2023.

Mia explained, “In 2019, we started using an automatic seamless production technology, and created our first Eco Monoskin, 40% made of regenerated yarn produced from recycled ocean garbage. It significantly eliminates an environmental footprint, as the whole production cycle is infinitely renewable and almost zero-waste. This breakthrough technology may change the fashion industry forever!” As the brand grew, it even reached the radar of some of the biggest celebrities as the likes of Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Maye Musk, Grimes, Uma Thurman, Tina Kunakey, and Cindy Bruna were seen donning the monosuit pieces.

Moreover, Monosuit has been featured in a bunch of top-tier media outlets as well, such as Forbes USA, Vogue Paris, Vanity Fair Italia, and many others, solidifying its position as an established global brand. Standing firm for uncompromising inclusion worldwide and taking into consideration all the peculiarities of their customers, Monosuit also provides consumers with a flexible chart of grading — sizes, heights, measurements, proportions, and colors for every other item. All the products are easily available for purchase on their website as well as on websites like Not Just a Label, About You, and Wolf & Badger. Claiming to be the world’s number one jumpsuit, the New York-based company has thousands of followers on Instagram, where they promote their innovative and stylish products on the regular.

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