Morgan Nick: What Happened to Her? Has She Been Found?

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The generally peaceful city of Alma, Arkansas, witnessed a tragic incident when six-year-old Morgan Chauntel Nick went missing while attending a Little League Baseball game in June 1995. Her mother, Colleen, mentioned that she had allowed her daughter to play with her friends and had turned away for a minute when Morgan disappeared without a trace. Hulu’s ‘Still Missing Morgan’ chronicles the theories surrounding the tragedy and even follows the investigation that tried its best to track the missing child down. If you are intrigued by the incident’s details and want to find out more, we have you covered.

What Happened to Morgan Nick?

Described as a bright and lively six-year-old, Morgan lived in Arkansas with her mother, Colleen. Incidentally, Colleen and her ex-husband, Morris John Nick, split up just months before the child’s disappearance. Yet, reports mentioned their divorce was pretty amicable. Hence, the six-year-old spent most of her time with her mother and was considered a brilliant student. Moreover, Morgan was pretty involved in her role as a Girl Scout, but, like other children, she loved hanging out and playing with her friends. Unfortunately, people had no idea that a tragedy would forever change the family’s life.

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On June 9, 1995, Colleen received an invitation from a friend, who asked her to come down to Alma, Arkansas, and watch a Little League baseball game. Believing that Morgan might enjoy the game, she asked her to accompany her to the venue about 30 minutes from their home. By the time Colleen reached the baseball field, the stands were already filled with people, and she managed to squeeze into a seat with Morgan. However, the six-year-old soon got bored of the baseball and began playing with her shoes.

Around that time, two of Morgan’s friends, Jessica and Tye, approached Colleen, asking her if she would allow her to catch fireflies with them. Since the kids promised not to venture beyond the parking lot, the mother agreed, much to her daughter’s delight. When interviewed later, Colleen mentioned that she remained attentive and even turned around to look at the children several times. Albeit, she got distracted once the baseball game ended, and the teams walked into the stands to greet their families.

The next time Colleen turned to look at the kids, she found Jessica and Tye walking toward her, yet Morgan was nowhere to be found. Alarmed, she questioned her daughter’s friends, who claimed the six-year-old disappeared when emptying her shoes near Colleen’s car. A subsequent investigation discovered that while Jessica and Tye sat towards the front of the vehicle, Morgan emptied her shoes at the back, all on her own.

Furthermore, the kids insisted that they saw a creepy man talking to Morgan before she vanished into thin air. Confused and anxious, Colleen immediately raised an alarm, and the adults at the field helped her comb through the nearby areas for her missing daughter. Albeit, hours passed with no news about Morgan, and the mother was eventually compelled to report the incident to the local police.

Investigation Continues as Morgan Remains Missing

We are sorry to report that Morgan Nick remains missing to this day. Law enforcement officials consider it an active investigation, and her loved ones are still hopeful about her safe return. When the police were informed of the disappearance, they immediately jumped into the fray and thoroughly searched the area. Officers and local volunteers organized numerous search parties, whereas detectives went door to door collecting evidence and searching for witnesses.

Since Jessica and Tye claimed they saw a man talking to Morgan before her disappearance, the police put out a detailed description of the suspect, who was determined to be a 6 feet tall male of solid build with a weight of around 180 pounds. Authorities believed the suspect was between 23 and 38 years old, and reports mentioned him having salt and pepper hair, a mustache, and a beard. In addition, when going through home videos shot at the baseball field, investigators discovered that the suspect drove a red pickup truck, although the footage was too grainy to get a clear picture of his face.

Interestingly, authorities initially focused on Morgan’s father, Morris, as a possible suspect in the disappearance. While the show mentioned that he had a criminal record, including third-degree battery and second-degree criminal mischief, further investigation ruled him out as a person of interest. Subsequently, when looking into Morris, the police came across his supposed drug dealer, Clifford Joe Pullan, who was charged with first-degree violation of a minor in 1995. Yet, detectives soon realized that Clifford had nothing to do with Morgan’s disappearance.

Although the police received numerous leads around that time, a piece of information from Stuttgart resident Albert Harvey seemed promising. He claimed that he saw a man fitting the suspect’s description, along with a blonde six-year-old girl, trying to break into his truck. Interestingly, Albert went so far as to identify the suspect from the sketch, and the police used every resource to scour the area. However, hours passed with no leads, making law enforcement officers suspicious of his claims. They then made the Stuttgart resident take two polygraph tests, which he failed before admitting that he had lied.

The next bit of information came in January 2002, when a tip compelled investigators to search a property in Booneville, Arkansas. Although detectives used sniffer dogs in the search and left no stone unturned, they seemingly came up empty-handed. Likewise, on November 15, 2010, authorities searched another property in Spiro, Oklahoma, and the show mentioned that this property belonged to a person who was in prison for violating a minor. Nonetheless, the police never released much information about their search in Spiro, despite returning to the same property in December 2017 for an unrelated investigation.

In August 2012, the police arrested two convicted felons, Tonya Smith and James Monhart, who were reportedly trying to buy some of Morgan’s personal documents, including her social security number and birth certificate. Although such an act made the pair look guilty, further investigation determined that they were not involved in the six-year-old’s disappearance. Since then, the case did not see much progress other than the FBI announcing Billy Jack Lincks as a possible suspect in November 2021.

According to reports, Billy attempted to kidnap a child from Arkansas two months after Morgan’s disappearance. Though the child managed to get away, he was convicted of sexual indecency and passed away while still behind bars in 2000. The announcement of Billy Jack Links was the last update to the case, but readers should note that the police consider Morgan’s disappearance and active investigation and continue to receive tips to this day. Meanwhile, Colleen refuses to rest until her daughter has been found, and she hopes she will return home safely and sound.

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