Morris Nick: What Happened to Morgan Nick’s Dad?

Image Credit: Colleen Nick/NBC

The city of Alma, Arkansas, faced one of its worst tragedies when six-year-old Morgan Nick went missing from a Little League baseball game in June 1995. While the incident devastated her loved ones, the initial investigation focused on her father, Morris John Nick, as a possible suspect. Hulu’s ‘Still Missing Morgan’ chronicles the disappearance and follows the investigation that tried to bring the child back home safely. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the crime and find out where Morris is at present, shall we?

Who is Morris Nick?

Morris Nick and his wife, Colleen, resided in Ozark, Arkansas, at the time of Morgan’s birth. A father of three, with Morgan being his eldest daughter, Morris was known to be caring and kindhearted. Besides, people who knew the couple mentioned that they embraced their parental duties and did everything they could to make their children’s lives a little easier. Although Morris and Colleen’s marriage appeared happy initially, trouble soon reared its ugly head, and the couple found it quite challenging to live with each other.

Thus, when Morgan was six, Morris and Colleen decided splitting up and getting divorced would be the best course of action. Yet, readers should note that their divorce was pretty amicable, and they never fought each other for their children’s custody. In 1995, Morgan stayed with Colleen when the latter decided to take the six-year-old to a Little League baseball game on June 9.

Once at the game, the little girl got pretty bored, so her mother allowed her to run off and catch fireflies with her friends, Tye and Jessica. Although Colleen kept her attention on the kids throughout the game, she got distracted once the players walked to the stands to greet their parents. The next time the mother of three glanced at the kids, she saw Tye and Jessica walking toward her while Morgan was nowhere to be seen.

The children later mentioned that Morgan was emptying her shoes all by herself behind Colleen’s car when a creepy man approached her. That was the last time anyone saw the 6-year-old as she disappeared soon after. Worried, Colleen and the people present at the game mounted a thorough search for the missing girl, but with no news about Morgan for several hours, her mother finally approached the police and reported her missing.

Morris Nick Continues to be Hopeful for Morgans’s Return Even Today

Once Colleen reported Morgan missing, she called her ex-husband and informed him about the incident. Morris appeared devastated by the turn of events and was ready to cooperate with law enforcement officials in any way possible. Surprisingly, during the initial investigation, he became a possible suspect, as some evidence suggested that he functioned as a low-level drug dealer.

Nevertheless, the police soon ruled Morris out as a person of interest, and focused their attention on Clifford Joe Pullan, who was rumored to be his drug supplier. The show mentioned that apart from being arrested for supplying marijuana, Clifford was also accused of the first-degree violation of a minor in 1995, which indicated that he might be capable of abduction. Yet, authorities soon cleared him of all suspicions and mentioned that he was not involved in Morgan’s disappearance.

Since then, Morris John Nick has embraced privacy and prefers not to talk much about his daughter’s disappearance. Unlike Colleen, who is quite vocal about her fight to bring Morgan back home, he tries to keep away from the media and has distanced himself from the investigation. However, from the looks of it, Morris currently resides in Rudy, Arkansas, and is hopeful of his daughter’s safe return.

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