Morgan Olivia Rose: Where is Park Avenue Peerage Founder Now?

Directed by Zackary Drucker, Hulu’s ‘Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl’ is a documentary that focuses on the lives of people involved in the New York high society during the 1990s and 2000s. Apart from the beloved socialite’s themselves, it focuses on bloggers like Morgan Olivia Rose, who reported on the happenings within the world of New York’s elite through her blog ‘Park Avenue Peerage.’ However, the task was far from simple, and she had not realized just how much the experience would change her life. If you are curious about Morgan’s current whereabouts, here is what we know about the same!

Who is Morgan Olivia Rose?

Formerly known as James Kurisunkal, Morgan Olivia Rose started the blog Park Avenue Peerage, which dominated the world of online reporting regarding New York’s elite. Yet, no one initially knew just who was the person behind the online platform. Given the author’s evident appreciation for Tinsley Mortimer, many believed that the socialite herself was behind the famous blog. Nevertheless, the rumors were laid to rest after The New York Times revealed the identity of the person behind the blog.

Morgan Olivia Rose/James Kurisunkal (Left) and Tinsley Mortimer (Right)

Given that the reports written by Morgan seemed like the work of someone intimately familiar with the high society of New York, it surprised many that she was actually a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. This quickly led Morgan (then known as James) to rise to fame, and she was given the opportunity to intern for New York magazine in the summer of 2007.

While interning in New York, Morgan got the opportunity to meet with the woman she so admired, Tinsley Mortimer, on July 11, 2007. Certainly a highlight of her life, the days following the meet-up saw the two remaining in touch with each other for quite some time. Meanwhile, Morgan herself had become a person of interest and was reported on by many, including blogs like ‘Gawker.’

Still, not everything was flowers and roses for Morgan, and she realized that some people were far from happy about her background as a child of immigrants. During her stay in Hamptons, New York, she shared how one of her superiors called her the N-word and made many demeaning comments. This led the blogger to become disenchanted from the world she had admired so much, and she returned to Illinois. Not long afterward, she wrote her final post on ‘Park Avenue Peerage’ and bid farewell to her readers.

Following Morgan’s summer internship, her college friend, Casey Blakely, shared that the former blogger has started doing drugs. She had begun losing weight and was head over heels in love with her drug dealer, Tommy. Morgan herself shared that she would give him advance payments by taking an advance on her inheritance and giving it to him. Yet, it soon became apparent that Tommy was misappropriating her money, which reportedly amounted to about $300,000. Eventually, Morgan’s parents, Philomena and Joseph Kurisunkal had to file for bankruptcy following the incident.

Where is Morgan Olivia Rose Now?

Through the Hulu documentary, Morgan shared with the world that she has transitioned and is fully content with her identity. “Now that I’m older, I see how two different people existed,” she stated in the movie. “One that was James, and one that was me. Just took some time and some pain.” The former blogger’s friendship with Casey was broken due to the situation regarding Tommy. Additionally, she and Tinsley drifted apart following the latter’s appearance in ‘High Society.’ “I felt like I was no longer important, and that was very hurtful,” Morgan confessed about the socialite. “She depended so much on me, and then it was like… she just didn’t care.”

As of writing, Morgan seemingly works as a sex worker and embraces the concept of American Divinity. In the Hulu documentary, she shared that she regretted her actions following her summer internship, especially the pain it caused her loved ones. Proud of her identity as a transexual woman, Morgan’s appearance in the movie has once again propelled her to fame. While she does not seem to be active as a professional writer, it does not seem like she has lost her penmanship skills.

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