8 Best Movies About Money and Business on Prime Video (May 2024)

In the vast landscape of Amazon Prime Video, there lies a wealth of cinematic treasures that explore the dynamic intersections of money and business. While Amazon stands as a titan of modern commerce, its streaming platform offers more than just the tale of its ascent. These films serve as compelling narratives, offering entertainment and enlightenment, from the boardrooms of corporate giants to the grassroots struggles of budding entrepreneurs. Join us as we uncover the best movies about money and business on Prime Video, where each story promises to inspire, educate, and captivate audiences with its unique insights and narratives.

8. Hot Money (2021)

Directed by Susan Kucera, ‘Hot Money’ is an intriguing documentary that explores the interconnectedness of various economic actors, from farmers to bankers, homeowners to academics. Narrated by Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark, and his son Wes Clark Jr., the film offers a unique perspective on the financial system’s nitty-gritty.

With wit, satire, and historical context, ‘Hot Money’ falls into the intricate web of economic forces that drive markets and influence global stability. Through engaging storytelling, the documentary provides valuable insights into the dynamics of wealth distribution and the potential for systemic collapse, prompting viewers to rethink their understanding of business and economics. You can watch the film here.

7. Waffle Street (2015)

‘Waffle Street’ serves up more than just breakfast; it’s a delectable tale of redemption and entrepreneurial spirit. Based on the memoir by James Adams, this heartwarming film, directed by Eshom and Ian Nelms, follows the journey of Jimmy Adams, a Wall Street banker who finds himself down on his luck and is forced to take a job at a humble waffle house. As Jimmy navigates the challenges of his new environment, he discovers valuable lessons about integrity, community, and the true meaning of success. With a charming blend of humor and heart, ‘Waffle Street’ reminds us that sometimes, the path to prosperity isn’t found on Wall Street but in the most unexpected places. You can watch it here.

6. Billionaire Boys Club (2018)

‘Billionaire Boys Club’ is an encapsulating drama directed by James Cox, based on the true story of a group of wealthy young men in Los Angeles who become embroiled in a Ponzi scheme. Starring Ansel Elgort, Taron Egerton, and Kevin Spacey, the film follows the rise and fall of the eponymous club as they try to stay afloat against the allure of money and power. Inspired by real-life events in the 1980s, the plot taps into themes of ambition, greed, and betrayal, offering a raw exploration of the consequences of unchecked ambition in the pursuit of fortune. You can watch the movie here.

5. Generation Wealth (2018)

‘Generation Wealth’ offers an eye-opening exploration of modern materialism and the pursuit of wealth, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Lauren Greenfield. Through a lens of striking visual storytelling, the documentary strikes deep into the lives of individuals consumed by the desire for affluence, from Los Angeles to China. With interviews and personal anecdotes, Greenfield unravels the complex web of motivations driving this insatiable quest for riches and societal status. From beauty pageants to Wall Street, ‘Generation Wealth’ lays bare the consequences of a culture obsessed with excess and the elusive promise of fulfillment through wealth accumulation. You can watch it here.

4. The Last Days of Lehman Brothers (2009)

In ‘The Last Days of Lehman Brothers,’ viewers are thrust into the heart of one of the most dramatic events in financial history. Directed by Michael Samuels, this docudrama meticulously reconstructs the final moments of the once-mighty investment bank. Through a blend of intense performances and insider insights, the film offers a narrative laden with hubris, greed, and corporate downfall. Set against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis, ‘The Last Days of Lehman Brothers’ immerses audiences in the frenetic atmosphere of Wall Street as it deals with the impending collapse that sent shockwaves around the world. You can watch the film here.

3. Inside Job (2010)

‘Inside Job,’ directed by Charles Ferguson, stands as a compelling exposé on the 2008 financial crisis, offering invaluable insights into the complexities of modern finance and business. Through meticulous research and expert analysis, the documentary unravels the systemic flaws and ethical breaches that led to the global economic meltdown. With interviews from key players in the financial industry and academia, including economists, policymakers, and Wall Street insiders, ‘Inside Job’ sheds light on the intricate web of greed, deregulation, and corruption that fueled the crisis. By dissecting the root causes and consequences of the meltdown, the film serves as a cautionary tale and a wake-up call for businesses and individuals alike, urging for greater accountability and transparency in the financial sector. You can watch ‘Inside Job’ here.

2. Money Monster (2016)

In ‘Money Monster,’ directed by Jodie Foster, viewers are thrust into a high-stakes thriller that exposes the dark underbelly of Wall Street. With heart-pounding suspense and sharp social commentary, the film follows TV personality Lee Gates (George Clooney), who becomes the hostage of a disgruntled investor (Jack O’Connell). Through Gates’ desperate attempt to uncover the truth behind a corporate scandal unfolding live on air, ‘Money Monster’ offers a glimpse into the layers of greed, manipulation, and the volatile intersection of finance and media. You can watch the film here.

1. Air (2023)

Air‘ isn’t just a biographical sports drama; it’s a masterclass in business strategy and brand development. Directed by Ben Affleck, the film chronicles the origins of Air Jordan, the iconic basketball shoe line that revolutionized the sneaker industry. Starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Jason Bateman, ‘Air’ explores Nike’s bold move to strike a business deal with rookie player Michael Jordan amidst struggles in their basketball shoe division.

The movie vividly depicts how Nike’s Marketing VP and CEO, faced with declining sales, enlisted talent scout Sonny Vaccaro to secure Jordan as their spokesperson. Through Vaccaro’s persuasive efforts, the film showcases the power of recognizing talent, strategic negotiation, and brand positioning in the competitive world of sports marketing. ‘Air’ stands as a testament to the ingenuity and vision behind successful business ventures, making it a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike. You can watch ‘Air’ here.

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