8 Horror Movies Like Cobweb You Must See

Set against the backdrop of dark family secrets, ‘Cobweb’ is the perfect blend of horror and mystery. The film, starring Lizzy Caplan, Antony Starr, Cleopatra Coleman, and Woody Norman, focuses on a young boy who is horrified by a mysterious voice that keeps communicating with him through the walls of his room. Meanwhile, the boy’s parents ignore his call for help as they have their own secrets to protect.

When the identity and intentions of the voice are finally revealed, the fate of the family changes forever. Although presented as a horror film, ‘Cobweb’ addresses much deeper issues, including child abuse and trauma, that have a moving impact on the audience. So if you were impressed by the film’s theme and storyline, here is a list of similar movies. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘Cobweb’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. Before I Wake (2016)

Directed by Mike Flanagan, ‘Before I Wake’ revolves around a grieving couple who adopt a young boy named Cody, whose dreams manifest into reality while he sleeps. The couple experiences the joy of seeing their lost loved ones again but also encounters terrifying creatures from Cody’s nightmares. As they delve deeper into the mysterious link between Cody’s dreams and reality, they must confront their own traumas to protect the boy from his own imagination. Just like ‘Cobweb,’ ‘Before I Wake’ also deals with parents’ negligence of their child’s concerns, which does not turn out well for the family. The theme of trauma is also central to both films.

7. The Dark (2018)

‘The Dark’ is a psychological horror film directed by Justin P. Lange. It follows the story of Mina, a young woman who has been cursed to live forever as a zombie-like creature. While hiding in an abandoned house, she encounters Alex, a blind boy dealing with abuse. Despite their initial fear, they form a unique bond as they navigate the darkness of their lives together, facing both external threats and their own inner demons.

In ‘Cobweb,’ Peter suffers from loneliness and finds companionship in the voice behind the wall. Their bond grows stronger with time and Peter starts to believe everything the voice says to him. Similarly, in ‘The Dark,’ Mina and Alex, connect due to their shared experiences of trauma and abuse and team up to take on the world.

6. The Omen (1976)

Directed by Richard Donner, ‘The Omen’ is a classic horror film that tells the chilling story of Robert Thorn, a diplomat, and his wife Katherine, who unknowingly adopt a malevolent child named Damien after their own baby dies at birth. As Damien grows, a series of eerie events and tragic deaths surround him, leading Robert to uncover the terrifying truth about the kid. With its eerie atmosphere and iconic scenes, ‘The Omen’ remains a chilling exploration of supernatural horror. Both ‘Cobweb’ and ‘The Omen’ feature a storyline where parents and their children are pitted against each other, and what follows is a tragedy that is horrifying to watch.

5. The Children (2008)

‘The Children’ is a British horror film directed by Tom Shankland starring Eva Birthistle, Stephen Campbell Moore, Hannah Tointon and Eva Sayer. The film features two families who gather in a remote country home during a Christmas vacation. However, the festive atmosphere takes a dark turn when their children start exhibiting strange behavior. Their actions become increasingly malevolent and violent, turning the holiday celebration into a nightmarish ordeal.

In ‘The Children,’ the parents have to grapple with the horrifying fact that their own offspring are a threat to them, much like ‘Cobweb.’ Both films skillfully blend familial tension, eerie atmospheres, and disturbing violence, exploring the terrifying idea of innocent children becoming instruments of terror.

4. Carrie (1976)

‘Carrie,’ based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, revolves around the life of Carrie White, a shy girl with telekinetic powers who is bullied at high school. Constantly tormented by her peers, Carrie’s powers escalate to destructive levels as she seeks revenge during the prom night. Sissy Spacek delivers a remarkable performance as Carrie, capturing her vulnerability and eventual descent into vengeful chaos.

The film’s iconic scenes, suspenseful atmosphere, and exploration of the supernatural and human psychology have solidified its place in horror cinema history. Similar to ‘Cobweb’, ‘Carrie’ explores the themes of bullying and isolation and how they impact the young mind of a child. Both Peter and Carrie face loneliness and bullying in their respective stories that eventually culminate in a bloody climax.

3. The Conjuring (2013)

Directed by James Wan, ‘The Conjuring’ is a supernatural horror film based on real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The story follows the Warrens as they investigate a haunting in a secluded farmhouse. As they delve deeper, they uncover a malevolent presence tormenting a family. ‘The Conjuring’ masterfully builds tension through eerie occurrences and unsettling events, culminating in a battle between the Warrens and the sinister forces. A similar device has been in ‘Cobweb’ where the creepy voice behind the wall makes contact with Peter, terrifying the young boy. The voice is initially presented as a supernatural being who seems to be living in the house for years.

2. Orphan (2009)

Jaume Collet-Serra’s ‘Orphan’ is known for its shocking twist that no one sees coming. The film focuses on Kate and John, a couple who adopt a 9-year-old girl named Esther after losing their own child. However, Esther soon starts demonstrating sinister behavior and Kate starts to uncover her disturbing past. As the child’s true intentions become clear, they lead to a series of shocking revelations and a deadly confrontation. The film stars Vera Farmiga as Kate, Peter Sarsgaard as John, and Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther, who won several laurels for her portrayal of a bloodthirsty child. Much like ‘Cobweb,’ ‘Orphan’ also rides high on gore and violence, with an ‘evil child’ at the center of the plot.

1. Insidious (2010)

James Wan’s ‘Insidious,’ starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Lin Shaye, and Barbara Hershey, is a supernatural horror film that centers on the Lambert family. When their son, Dalton, inexplicably falls into a coma, the family moves to a new house to escape strange occurrences. However, their troubles worsen as they realize that malicious spirits are targeting Dalton’s astral projection abilities and he gets stuck in a realm called ‘The Further.’

The family then must confront their own fears and past traumas to rescue Dalton and prevent the entities from possessing him permanently. ‘Cobweb’ also has a similar undertone of a family being haunted by their dark secrets; however, their denial to confront their past results in a bloodbath. With a tense and atmospheric approach, both ‘Cobweb’ and ‘Insidious’ blend traditional haunted house tropes with psychological horror.

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