Loved Ordinary Angels? Here Are 8 Similar Movies You Should Not Miss

Directed by Jon Gunn, ‘Ordinary Angels‘ unfolds as a poignant drama set in 1994 Louisville, Kentucky, starring Hilary Swank, Alan Ritchson, Nancy Travis, and Tamala Jones. Inspired by a true story, the narrative revolves around a compassionate hairdresser who galvanizes the community’s support. Faced with a critical situation during a severe snowstorm from the 1994 North American cold wave, the story follows the collective efforts of the townspeople to aid a widowed father in saving his ailing daughter. This heartfelt film captures the resilience and unity of a community, drawing inspiration from the real-life events that unfolded in the face of adversity. If you crave similar heart-warming narratives that melt the ice within your soul, here are 8 movies like ‘Ordinary Angels’ that deserve your attention.

8. Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Directed by Craig Gillespie, ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ is a unique comedy-drama that explores the transformative power of compassion. The plot revolves around Lars Lindstrom (Ryan Gosling), an emotionally isolated man who introduces his family and friends to a lifelike sex doll named Bianca, treating her as a real person. As the community embraces Lars’s unconventional coping mechanism, they provide unwavering support, leading to unexpected emotional connections and personal growth. This heartfelt film resonates with ‘Ordinary Angels’ through its portrayal of a community rallying around an individual facing emotional challenges, highlighting the profound impact of empathy and acceptance in overcoming personal struggles.

7. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019)

Directed by Marielle Heller, ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood‘ is a biographical drama that pays tribute to the transformative kindness of Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks). The plot centers on journalist Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys) assigned to profile Mr. Rogers, and their interactions lead to a healing journey for Lloyd, challenging his skeptical perspective. The film beautifully captures Mr. Rogers’ philosophy of empathy and compassion. In connection to ‘Ordinary Angels,’ both narratives explore the profound impact of a caring presence, portraying the ripple effect of compassion within personal struggles and the communities that surround them.

6. Patch Adams (1998)

In the realm of medical narratives, ‘Patch Adams,’ directed by Tom Shadyac, takes a whimsical yet poignant approach to healing. Robin Williams portrays the titular character, Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, in this comedy-drama that challenges the conventional practices of patient care. Adams, a medical student with an irrepressible spirit, infuses humor and compassion into his interactions, promoting a holistic approach to healthcare. Contrasting with the community-driven theme of ‘Ordinary Angels,’ ‘Patch Adams’ explores the transformative potential of laughter and genuine connection within the medical field, underlining the profound impact of empathy on both patients and the practitioners themselves.

5. Freedom Writers (2007)

In the captivating drama ‘Freedom Writers,’ directed by Richard LaGravenese, Hilary Swank takes on the role of Erin Gruwell, a passionate teacher who embarks on a transformative journey. The film revolves around Gruwell’s unconventional teaching methods that inspire her at-risk students to rise above their challenging circumstances through the art of writing. Imelda Staunton, Patrick Dempsey, and Scott Glenn contribute to an impressive ensemble cast. In comparison to ‘Ordinary Angels,’ where a community unites to aid a critically ill child, ‘Freedom Writers’ spotlights the individual impact of an educator fostering change within a classroom, showcasing the profound influence one person can have on the collective spirit of a community facing adversity.

4. Gifted (2017)

In the heartwarming film ‘Gifted,’ directed by Marc Webb, a different narrative unfolds as a single man navigates the challenges of raising his intellectually gifted niece. Starring Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, and Octavia Spencer, the movie explores the complexities of family dynamics and the unique struggles faced by a gifted child within the education system. In contrast to ‘Ordinary Angels,’ where a community rallies around a critical situation, ‘Gifted’ showcases the intimate bond between an uncle and his niece, emphasizing their personal journey and the impact of their connections. Both films, though distinct, underscore the significance of relationships and individual efforts in shaping the lives of those facing extraordinary circumstances.

3. Wonder (2017)

In the inspiring drama ‘Wonder,’ directed by Stephen Chbosky, the narrative unfolds around Auggie Pullman, a young boy with facial differences navigating the challenges of fitting in at a new school. Starring Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, and Owen Wilson, the film explores themes of acceptance, kindness, and the resilience of the human spirit. Like ‘Ordinary Angels,’ where a community unites in the face of a crisis, ‘Wonder’ delves into the personal journey of Auggie and his family, focusing on the transformative power of empathy and understanding from people around him. Both movies share a common thread of celebrating the strength found in individuals and communities when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

2. Akeelah and the Bee (2006)

In the empowering film ‘Akeelah and the Bee,’ helmed by director Doug Atchison, the story centers around Akeelah Anderson, a young girl with a remarkable talent for spelling. Starring Keke Palmer, Laurence Fishburne, and Angela Bassett, the narrative unfolds as Akeelah overcomes socio-economic challenges to participate in the national spelling bee. Akin to the collective efforts depicted in ‘Ordinary Angels,’ this film emphasizes Akeelah’s journey and the help she receives along the way. Both movies share a thematic resonance, highlighting the transformative influence of support and encouragement in the face of individual challenges.

1. Pay It Forward (2000)

For enthusiasts of ‘Ordinary Angels,’ ‘Pay It Forward’ is a compelling must-watch, offering a poignant exploration of the ripple effect of kindness. Both narratives capture the collective power of communities to bring about positive change. Directed by Mimi Leder, ‘Pay It Forward’ stars Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and Haley Joel Osment. The plot revolves around Trevor McKinney, a young boy who launches a movement encouraging people to perform acts of kindness for others, creating an inspiring chain of goodwill. The film, akin to ‘Ordinary Angels,’ beautifully conveys the profound impact of collective efforts and selflessness in fostering compassion and uplifting the human spirit.

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