10 Movies Like The Family Plan You Must See

In the action-packed comedy film, ‘The Family Plan,’ directed by Simon Cellan Jones and written by David Coggeshall, a stellar cast featuring Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, Zoe Colletti, Van Crosby, Saïd Taghmaoui, Maggie Q, and Ciarán Hinds brings the story to life. The plot revolves around Dan Morgan, an ostensibly ordinary family man who harbors a perilous past as the world’s deadliest assassin. When his past catches up with him, Dan orchestrates a deceptive “road trip” to Las Vegas with his family to confront the person seeking his demise. Balancing the tension, he strives to keep his former life hidden from his unsuspecting wife and children amidst the comedic chaos that ensues. Here are 10 movies similar to ‘The Family Plan’ you should check out.

10. The Man From Nowhere (2010)

In ‘The Man from Nowhere,’ directed by Lee Jeong-beom, the audience is thrust into the intense world of Cha Tae-sik, a mysterious pawnshop owner portrayed by Won Bin. This South Korean action-thriller takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride as Cha Tae-sik’s past as a skilled operative resurfaces when a young girl he befriends is kidnapped. Unlike ‘The Family Plan,’ which blends family dynamics with a secret assassin’s past, ‘The Man from Nowhere’ delves into a lone warrior’s quest for justice. With breathtaking action sequences and emotional depth, it weaves a gripping tale that seamlessly combines suspense, drama, and explosive action.

9. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

‘The Long Kiss Goodnight,’ directed by Renny Harlin, introduces Geena Davis as Samantha Caine, a schoolteacher with amnesia who unveils a deadly past as an assassin named Charly Baltimore. Samuel L. Jackson co-stars in this action-packed thriller that follows Samantha’s journey to recover her memories and face the consequences of her former life. In contrast to ‘The Family Plan,’ where a family man grapples with his hidden assassin identity, ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ centers on a woman rediscovering her lethal skills. Both films share the theme of characters with concealed pasts, injecting suspense into their stories, albeit with distinct twists within the spy and action genres.

8. Central Intelligence (2016)

In ‘Central Intelligence,’ director Rawson Marshall Thurber crafts a comedic action narrative with Dwayne Johnson as the affable, formerly bullied CIA agent Bob Stone, and Kevin Hart as the skeptical Calvin Joyner. The plot unfolds as the duo navigates espionage and high-stakes missions. In contrast to ‘The Family Plan,’ where a family man conceals his deadly past, ‘Central Intelligence’ injects humor into the mix, showcasing unexpected alliances and evolving identities. While ‘The Family Plan’ leans on a more serious tone, ‘Central Intelligence’ thrives on the comedic chemistry between its leads, offering a lively take on uncovering hidden talents in the world of espionage.

7. The Iceman (2012)

‘The Iceman’ and ‘The Family Plan’ both explore the duality of individuals leading hidden lives. While ‘The Family Plan’ unfolds the story of a reformed assassin concealing his past, ‘The Iceman’ takes a darker turn, chronicling the true story of Richard Kuklinski, a contract killer leading a double life as a family man. Directed by Ariel Vromen, ‘The Iceman’ stars Michael Shannon as Kuklinski, revealing the chilling reality of a man balancing domesticity with a ruthless criminal career. The film portrays Kuklinski’s lethal journey, providing a stark contrast to the comedic elements in ‘The Family Plan,’ as both films showcase the complexities of concealed identities.

6. Date Night (2010)

In ‘Date Night’, director Shawn Levy orchestrates a riotous blend of action and comedy, setting the stage for a night of unexpected chaos for the unsuspecting couple played by Tina Fey and Steve Carell. While ‘The Family Plan’ takes a family on a perilous road trip, ‘Date Night’ throws an ordinary married pair into a high-stakes adventure in New York City. The film hilariously explores the dynamics of relationships under pressure and showcases the comedic talents of its leads. With a mix of suspense and humor, ‘Date Night’ offers a lively contrast to ‘The Family Plan,’ proving that even the most ordinary evenings can spiral into extraordinary escapades.

5. Haywire (2011)

In ‘Haywire,’ directed by Steven Soderbergh, the thematic parallel with ‘The Family Plan’ lies in the exploration of a protagonist’s concealed past. Starring MMA fighter Gina Carano as Mallory Kane, a former black-ops operative seeking retribution, the film echoes the hidden identity motif. Similar to ‘The Family Plan,’ where a family man conceals his assassin history, ‘Haywire’ unveils Mallory’s lethal skills as she becomes a target. The ensemble cast includes Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, and Channing Tatum. The film’s relentless action and espionage provide a unique take on the consequences of a covert life, drawing intriguing parallels with ‘The Family Plan.’

4. The Spy Next Door (2010)

In ‘The Spy Next Door,’ directed by Brian Levant, the thematic resonance with ‘The Family Plan’ is found in the unlikely combination of domesticity and espionage. Starring Jackie Chan as Bob Ho, a mild-mannered undercover spy, the film intertwines family dynamics with high-stakes missions, drawing a parallel with the delicate balance in ‘The Family Plan.’ In both films, protagonists strive to protect their loved ones while navigating the challenges of a hidden professional life.

‘The Spy Next Door’ injects humor into the spy genre, showcasing Chan’s martial arts prowess alongside family-friendly antics. This action-comedy provides an entertaining twist on the secret-agent narrative, aligning with ‘The Family Plan’ in its exploration of familial ties amidst espionage.

3. True Lies (1994)

For those who enjoyed ‘The Family Plan,’ ‘True Lies‘ offers a delightful blend of action and comedy within a domestic setting. Directed by James Cameron, the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker, a seemingly ordinary family man who is, in fact, a skilled spy. Like ‘The Family Plan,’ it skillfully weaves family dynamics with espionage, providing humor and high-octane action. The film’s engaging plot, clever writing, and Schwarzenegger’s charismatic performance make it a thrilling experience for fans of the genre. With Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold in supporting roles, ‘True Lies’ delivers a perfect mix of adrenaline and laughter.

2. A History of Violence (2005)

For fans of ‘The Family Plan’ seeking a darker and thought-provoking twist on hidden pasts, ‘A History of Violence’ is an absolute must-watch rollercoaster. Directed by David Cronenberg, the film masterfully blurs the lines between family drama and intense crime thriller. Starring Viggo Mortensen as Tom Stall, a small-town family man with a mysterious background, the story unfolds when his past catches up with him.

Much like ‘The Family Plan,’ this gripping narrative delves into the complexities of maintaining a facade, unraveling a riveting tale of violence, redemption, and the impact of buried secrets. The juxtaposition of domesticity and brutality, coupled with Mortensen’s stellar performance, ensures that ‘A History of Violence’ is a captivating and unforgettable cinematic experience for enthusiasts of hidden identities and intense family dynamics.

1. Killers (2010)

Directed by Robert Luketic, ‘Killers’ is a romantic action-comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. The film follows Jen Kornfeldt (Heigl), who discovers that her charming new husband Spencer Aimes (Kutcher) is a former government assassin. As the couple navigates the challenges of marriage, Spencer’s past catches up with them. Drawing parallels with ‘The Family Plan,’ both films involve protagonists leading unsuspecting lives and concealing dangerous histories. While the Simon Cellan Jones directorial leans more towards a road trip adventure, ‘Killers’ explores the dynamics of a couple’s relationship amid the revelation of a hidden, action-packed past, combining elements of romance, comedy, and espionage for an entertaining watch.

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