The Family Plan: Where Was Mark Wahlberg Movie Filmed?

Mark Wahlberg dons the garb of a former covert assassin named Dan Morgan in Apple TV+’s ‘The Family Plan,’ an action comedy movie helmed by Simon Cellan Jones. After years of being a reputed assassin, Dan now leads a quiet suburban life with his family, who have no idea about his past. Although he is a devoted husband and a great father, he used to get his hands dirty as an elite assassin to get rid of some dangerous threats.

Now that Dan’s life finally caught up to him, he must take his family on an impromptu road trip to Vegas in order to prevent them from getting harmed. He is forced to tap into his old skills to fight off his enemies while trying to keep his true identity a secret. The cross-country adventure of the Morgan family takes them through some interesting places, making the viewers curious about the filming locations of ‘The Family Plan.’

The Family Plan Was Filmed Across the Country

Traveling across the nation, the production team of ‘The Family Plan’ set up camp in multiple places, primarily in Atlanta, Georgia, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Some portions were also filmed in Canton and Clermont, both in Georgia, Buffalo, New York, and Arizona. As per reports, principal photography for the Mark Wahlberg starrer got underway in October 2022 under the working title ‘Holiday Road’ and wrapped up in about four months, in February 2023. So, let’s follow the Morgan family on their road trip and go through all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Apple TV+ production!

Atlanta, Georgia

To kick off production for ‘The Family Plan,’ the filming unit utilized the locales of the city of Atlanta, the capital of Georgia lying among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Fulton County. During a conversation with Mama’s Geeky, the filmmaker Simon Cellan Jones was asked about any particular action sequence that was difficult to pull off. Simon answered, “They all worked out in the end, but I’m gonna level with you. We had a big big fight in a supermarket. Which, so far so normal, but there’s one kicker to it – there’s a baby strapped into a Baby Bjorn.”

Simon expanded further, “We had two twins playing the baby Max, who were both fantastic. But this was their first big heavy day. And of course, one of them strapped to Mark Wahlberg, and he’s lovely with kids. So he looks after them very well, but he’s fighting and he’s moving around. He’s doing all that stuff. And the babies will go wait a minute, wait a bit. This is not in our contract. So we had to be very, very patient that day. It worked out but there were a couple of times when I was going, Oh my God, my career is over.”

Other Locations in Georgia

For the purpose of shooting, the production team of ‘The Family Plan’ also traveled to other locations across Georgia. For instance, the director and his team set up camp in and around the Bill Holt Mitsubishi at 2255 Marietta Highway in the city of Canton. Moreover, reports suggest that one of the ice cream shops in the town of Clermont was turned into Lambert’s Diner to shoot several key portions of the comedy movie.

Las Vegas, Nevada

During the shooting stage of ‘The Family Plan,’ Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the cast were spotted taping pivotal sequences in the city of Las Vegas. For instance, the exterior as well as interior of The STRAT at 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South and Bellagio Fountain at 3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard, both in Sin City, feature in several important scenes of the action comedy movie.

Other Locations

In order to record some aerial and establishing shots, a small portion of the team of ‘The Family Plan’ flew across the downtown area of the city of Buffalo, New York State, in a helicopter. Thus, you are likely to spot a few local landmarks and buildings in the aerial footage of the city, such as the Peace Bridge, Buffalo City Hall, Buffalo Central Terminal, Edmund B. Hayes Hall, and the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park. Some of ‘The Family Plan’ shooting, mainly exterior, also took place in Arizona as the West and East Mitten Buttes appear in a few scenes.

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