7 Movies Like The Hunt You Must See

The horror-thriller film ‘The Hunt‘ directed by Craig Zobel is based on a short story called ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ by Richard Connell. When the film begins, 12 people wake up to find themselves in a rather unusual setting, without any knowledge of how they got here in the first place.

We begin to realize that these people have been gathered for a sport of hunting by a certain group of elite liberals who have chosen to play with human lives for their own amusement. However, one of the hunted starts fighting back and killing the hunters one after the other. If you have enjoyed watching ‘The Hunt’, here are some other films you might enjoy watching. Many of them are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. The Purge (2013)

Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey star in this dystopian horror/thriller film where a totalitarian regime has taken over America and announced a special day called the “Purge”, which is to be held every year. During this time, all forms of criminal activities will be deemed legal.

The story of the film follows a family who is being held hostage by a deadly criminal during the Purge. Although the film follows a more or less cliched plot, its action sequences, setting, and the concept are truly brilliant.

6. You’re Next (2011)

This 2011 home invasion film centers around the Davinson family, who are quite rich but have grown distant from each other over the years. In order to make amends, the Davisons decide to celebrate their marriage anniversary by calling their children and their spouses to their home.

While all things start off well, soon some strange invaders with masks and weapons invade the Davinson estate and end up endangering the lives of the family. The film manages to strike a perfect balance between its black humor and gory elements.

5. The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games‘ is set in a dystopic future where the country called Panem has been divided into twelve districts. The country holds an event called the Hunger Games where representatives from each of the districts participate in a brutal deathmatch. This entire match is shown across the country.

The central character of the film is a woman called Katniss Everdeen who decides to participate in the competition after her sister is chosen as a representative of their district. The performance of Jennifer Lawrence, along with the brilliant concept and sets, has made ‘The Hunger Games’ a must-watch.

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4. Cube (1997)

This 1997 film centers around five strangers who suddenly wake up one day to find themselves in a strange cubic structure. As they explore further, they realize that this structure has hundreds of rooms shaped exactly the same and that each of these rooms is booby-trapped in some way or the other.

The expertise of each of these people comes in handy as the group tries to get out of this structure alive. Except for the dialogs, this film is a brilliant watch full of suspense and drama.

3. Circle (2015)

A rather unique psychological thriller, ‘Circle’ is set within a single room where fifty strangers suddenly wake up without any knowledge of how they got there. These people soon realize that the room they are in is structured in a way that they can choose who among them dies.

It also dawns upon them that they have to make choices and decide who is that one person in this group who deserves to live. ‘Circle’ is a tense watch which does not become boring even for a second despite the fact that none of the actors even move throughout the length of the film.

2. The Most Dangerous Game (1932)

Just like ‘The Hunt’, this 1932 film is also based on the eponymous short story written by Richard Connell. The story begins with Bob Rainsford, a person whose luxury cruiser gets stranded on a reef. On the island, he finds one house owned by a certain Count Zaroff.

Although Zaroff seems friendly at first, Rainsford soon realizes that he plays a cruel game by releasing his guests into the jungle and killing them one after the other. The film is wonderfully made with some strong suspenseful moments. The screenplay is also quite faithful to the original story.

1. Hard Target (1993)

‘Hard Target’ is the first Hollywood film by famed Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo. Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme in the leading role, the story centers around a man called Chance who is trying to help a woman look for her father who has suddenly gone missing.

However, while trying to find him, Chance discovers that a huge racket that organizes hunts of homeless people is responsible for the death of the person he is looking for. The film boasts of some extraordinary action sequences which are well-complimented by the stylish cinematography.

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