The Secret Dare to Dream: 8 Similar Heartfelt Romantic Movies You’ll Love

‘The Secret: Dare to Dream’ is a romantic movie directed by Andy Tennant and based on the bestselling self-help book, ‘The Secret.’ The narrative revolves around Oliver, a single mother of two who is in a dire financial state, with everything seemingly going wrong. The series of disasters that has become her life, takes on a new perspective when she crashes into Bray. Besides helping her fix her car and roof, the stranger introduces her and her family to the principles of positive visualization and assures her that everything happens for a good reason.

When a boyfriend she is uncertain about proposes to her, and a secret Bray has been keeping from her resurfaces, Oliver has to let the universe guide her in the right direction. The film was released in 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, and provided some much-needed positivity. It can leave you wanting for more such uplifting and destined romances. Thus, we have curated a list of movies like ‘The Secret Dare to Dream’ to satiate your appetite.

8. What If… (2010)

Helmed by Dallas Jenkins, ‘What If,’ asks the eternal question, what if I had done things differently and been a different person? The film follows Ben Walker, a businessman who left behind his hometown and his girlfriend for the pursuit of wealth. Despite being very successful, he lacks any real relationships and has just gotten engaged to a trophy girlfriend in his forties.

He is chosen by God to visit an alternate reality of his life where he had pursued happiness and family over money. However, he is set to ruin this alternative life as well with his clueless ways, and must quickly learn the meaning of family, love, and responsibility before he misses his second chance. The movie’s message of following one’s heart instead of greed is one that will resonate with fans of ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream.’

7. Midway to Heaven (2011)

A touching romantic comedy, ‘Midway to Heaven,’ directed by, Michael Flynn, asks if true love can strike twice in one life. A charismatic and successful man, Ned Stevens struggles to deal with the loss of his wife, who passed away three years ago. Regardless of the passage of time, he seems to be stuck in an emotional limbo. His brooding is interrupted when his daughter brings home her boyfriend, who, to Ned’s frustration, is a flawlessly lovable guy.

She further disrupts his stupor by attempting to set him up with an attractive single woman residing in their neighborhood. Despite Ned’s attempts at self-sabotage, a fated romance isn’t easily avoided. The nature of Ned’s predicament, with plenty of comedy lending to developing believable close family bonds, makes ‘Midway to Heaven’ a hearty recommendation to those who have enjoyed ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream.’

6. Love at First Sight (2023)

A classical romance in ‘Love at First Sight,’ Vanessa Caswill’s tale of starcrossed soulmates who happen to find each other in the most unexpected of circumstances, and before they realize it, lose what they found. Hadley is having a really bad day, having missed a flight to her father’s second wedding. She is stuck at JFK airport when she happens to start a conversation with an unassuming boy, Oliver. They hit it off perfectly; he is smart, doing well for himself, and by some miracle, also sitting next to her on the flight.

What she thought would be an arduous journey passes within the blink of an eye. It is only after they’ve gone their separate ways that they realize what they might have lost. ‘Love at First Sight’ tackles the heartwrenching subject of the bleak possibility of finding a perfect partner and explores the even bleaker chance of finding them again. Those following the principles of ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream’ will feel their hearts rise and fall in tandem with Hadley in ‘Love at First Sight.’

5. In My Dreams (2014)

‘In My Dreams,’ a romantic film directed by Kenny Leon, revolves around Natalie and Nick, two strangers who find themselves dissatisfied with their love lives. Engulfed by their longing for true love, they simultaneously make a wish at a fountain, hoping to find their soulmates. In an unexpected turn, they start experiencing vivid dreams where they are romantically involved with each other. As they navigate their separate waking lives, they continue to encounter one another in their dreams, falling deeper in love with every encounter.

Driven by their intense connection, Natalie and Nick embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind their dream encounters, determined to transform their dream romance into a reality. The film beautifully explores the power of destiny, love, and the belief in finding true soulmates against all odds, weaving a tale sure to captivate fans of Andy Tennant’s work.

4. Forever My Girl (2018)

Helmed by director Bethany Ashton Wolf, ‘Forever My Girl’ is a romantic drama movie that follows Liam Page, a famous country music star who returns to his hometown after abruptly leaving his fiancée at the altar eight years prior. Upon spotting him, his former fiancée, Josie, understandably slams a punch in his gut. His sudden reappearance stirs emotions and unresolved feelings in both of them, as he confronts the consequences of his past actions. He has a daughter named Billy, whom he never knew existed.

As he tries to reconcile with Josie and build a relationship with Billy, he realizes the profound impact of his absence on their lives. Despite the initial reluctance and hurt, Josie harbors confused feelings for Liam. The film portrays the complexities of second chances, forgiveness, and the enduring power of love. If you were touched by Bray’s effort to set things right in ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream,’ Liam will strike a similar cord as he navigates the path to redemption, seeking to rekindle the love he left behind while grappling with the responsibilities of fatherhood.

3. Finding You (2020)

A romantic comedy-drama by director Brian Baugh, ‘Finding You’ centers on Finley Sinclair, a young violinist who embarks on a study abroad program in Ireland following a personal setback. During her journey, she encounters movie star Beckett Rush and forms an unexpected bond despite their contrasting lives. If you fawn over Bray’s unconditional love and support towards Oliver in ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream,’ Beckett’s sincerity and zest for life will win you over as Finley finds solace and inspiration through his efforts to help her heal. Amidst the captivating Irish scenery, their connection blossoms into a heartfelt romance that teaches Finley about love, and the courage to pursue her passions while discovering herself in the most unexpected of places.

2. The Choice (2016)

Set in a coastal town, ‘The Choice’ introduces us to Travis Shaw, a man who is content in his life, working with his father and having success with women. That is until Gabby Holland moves in next door. She is very different from the women he has known, and when her boyfriend is out of town, their initial animosity blossoms into a deep romance. As they navigate the complexities of love, tragedy strikes Gabby, and Travis stays by her side throughout it. When her boyfriend returns and proposes to her, Gabby faces a life-altering decision. Oliver faced a similar predicament In ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream,’ and the film delves further into the intricacies of relationships, exploring the power of choices and true love.

1. The Lucky One (2012)

Directed by Scott Hicks, ‘The Lucky One,’ centers on Logan Thibault, a Marine who, during his service in Iraq, finds a photograph of a woman. Believing it brought him luck, he sets out to find her upon returning home. He locates the woman, Beth Clayton, and begins working at her family’s dog kennel without revealing the true reason behind his arrival. Logan forms a bond with Beth as they work in proximity and a heartfelt romance blooms.

However, with his true intentions surfacing and Beth’s ex-husband intervening, the seemingly fated affair falters. Similar to ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream,’ the film encapsulates themes of destiny, healing from past traumas, and the transformative power of love, portraying the intertwining of fate and affection.

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