Mr and Mrs Smith Season 1 Ending, Explained: Do Jane and John Die?

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Prime Video’s ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ mixes genres and presents a combination of spy thriller with comedy and romance. The show takes the concept of the 2005 film starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and delivers something entirely different out of it. While the show borrows some elements from the film, it concocts an entirely different world, especially when it comes to the spy agency for which the titular characters work. The stakes are also higher, and the threat feels more real as the characters try to stay alive while also dealing with their feelings for each other, which only makes their situation more complicated. By the end of the season, things don’t look so good for Mr and Mrs Smith. SPOILERS AHEAD

Mr and Mrs Smith Season 1 Recap

Image Credit: David Lee/Prime Video

A man and a woman are hired by an international spy agency. They are given the cover story of a couple with the names of Jane and John Smith. Everything they’ll need to live well and do their jobs well is at their disposal. All they have to do is not fail their assignments. If they fail it three times, there will be consequences. While getting the hang of their new situation, John and Jane also explore the romantic grounds of their situation. As they start falling for each other, things get complicated between them as Jane is more ambitious than John. In the end, however, they discover that what happens to their future is only in the hands of the Company.

Mr and Mrs Smith Ending: Why Does the Company Decide to Kill John and Jane?

Jane and John Smith work for the Company, but they soon realize that they know absolutely nothing about it. For starters, they just know it as “the Company,” and they name their supervisor “Hihi” because of the greeting text they send. Soon, they also realize that they have no idea what exactly the Company has in mind when it comes to the Johns and Janes considering retirement. When Jane tells the Other John and Jane that she and her partner considered making enough money and then eventually parting ways, the senior John and Jane laugh hysterically. Imagine if the Company was that flexible or easygoing, they say.

Image Credit: David Lee/Prime Video

The true brunt of the Company’s policies is felt by John and Jane in the end. After their third failed mission, Jane receives the mission to kill John. The Company had already been sowing seeds of a dispute between them by favoring Jane over John and then giving John an assignment, which they used to manipulate Jane into thinking he was cheating on her. It’s possible that they might have given John the assignment to kill Jane as well. In any case, it becomes clear to the Company (who the Other Jane says knows everything about you, everything you are going to do) knows that Jane is not going to complete the mission. This makes her a liability as well.

After the third failed mission, John says that he’s done. This means he’s considering leaving. So, if Jane doesn’t kill him, it means she is considering leaving with him. This isn’t the first time that a John and Jane have decided to run away together. So, the Company takes a preemptive measure by involving the Other John and Jane, who trick John and Jane into thinking that one is trying to kill the other. They’d hoped that Jane and John would end up killing each other, doing their job for them. But when that doesn’t happen, the Other John and Jane enter the scene to finish the job themselves.

Do John and Jane Make It Out Alive?

‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ begins with a couple having a good time at their house in a secluded place. While they are enjoying the final bottle of good wine, they are targeted by mysterious people who kill both of them. This couple was yet another “John and Jane Smith” that the Company employed and later decided to kill off, probably because the couple decided they’d had enough of the high-risk jobs and wanted a quiet life with each other. In a way, their end foreshadows the ending of the Season for the main John and Jane, whose story we follow for eight episodes.

After taking a shot at each other and failing to kill one another, John and Jane are cornered by the Other John and Jane. Taking advantage of Other John’s three-sneeze rule, they attack the couple and succeed in running far enough to get to the panic room. But the problem is that they are trapped now. While the Other John is rendered blind (most probably temporarily) after John attacks him, the Other Jane is completely unharmed and stands outside the panic room. She knows that John and Jane cannot stay in there for too long. They’ll have to come out eventually; all she needs to do is wait.

Inside, John turns out to have taken a bullet to the stomach, and Jane knows that they can’t wait forever. If they do, John will surely bleed out and die, and she’ll be left alone, which won’t do her any good anyway. She also knows that going out is suicide as the Other Jane is waiting for her. It’s the devil and the deep blue sea kind of situation, so Jane decides to take her chances, no matter how miniscule. If she has to die anyway, why not try and take a shot at it? But the odds are not in her favor, and considering the Other John and Jane’s track record, they never fail to complete their missions. Every time they have been sent after a Mr and Mrs Smith, they have managed to kill them. They have been doing so for years; Jane and John are still newbies compared to them, so it makes little sense that Jane would actually survive.

Still, there is such a thing as plot armor, and should Prime Video decide to make another season with Donald Glover and Maya Erskine continuing John and Jane’s story, Jane will have to survive. The exact outcome of the shootout between the Janes is not shown to the audience, which leaves things quite open-ended, leaving the show on a note that allows it to work both ways. If this is to be the end of the show, then Jane and John have absolutely no chance. But if there is to be another season, then rest assured, we will see Jane and John again.

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