Mr and Mrs Smith Post Credits Scene Explained: What Happens to John and Jane’s House?

Prime Video’s ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ builds a complex world where a couple gets emotionally and romantically entangled with each other while they execute the missions assigned to them by an international spy agency they know nothing about. The eight-episode season builds upon the chemistry of Donald Glover and Maya Erskine’s John and Jane, who realize that there is more to their relationship than simple professionalism. The final episode pits them against each other, and they come face to face with some harsh truths while also landing themselves in a situation that seems impossible to escape. The post-credits scene sheds light on their future, which is left hanging by a thread in the final scene of the show. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Hot Neighbour Gets His Moby Dick

While John and Jane are busy shooting and kicking their way out of high-risk missions, they have no idea of the intentions of their neighbor, called Hot Neighbour, played by Paul Dano. Considering that John and Jane are spies, they cannot trust anyone. They are cautious about making new friends and generally refrain from getting too involved with neighbors or making new friends. So, when Jane starts to get friendly with the Hot Neighbour, John becomes jealous but also cautious.

For the most part, the Hot Neighbour remains at a distance and never quite takes center stage, but then, in the final episode, John discovers exactly who he is and what he’d been planning. At first, John thought the Hot Neighbour was trying to steal Jane. But when he sees the plans of their house in his room, accompanied by their pictures, John realizes that the Hot Neighbour might be another spy in disguise. He confronts him and asks him about the company he works for and if he is Hihi. Turns out that he has no idea what John is on about.

The Hot Neighbour reveals that his name is Harris Materbach and he is a real estate agent for Sotheby’s. John thinks Sotheby’s is a rival spy agency, but it turns out that Harris has nothing to do with spies. He is simply interested in John and Jane’s house. As a real estate agent, he marvels at the place they have built for themselves, which he is surprised happened so quickly and without any problem regarding the permits that usually cause trouble for people. He calls the Smith’s house his “Moby Dick.” It is the one-of-a-kind thing he has witnessed, and he can’t rest until he gets his hands on it and eventually make tons of money selling it. By the next day, his dream comes true.

Unbeknownst to the Hot Neighbour, Jane and John had been trying to kill each other, and their dispute comes to a head at their home. They go all out, pulling out stashed guns from all corners of the house to aim at each other but miss every time (which is surprising because both of them are highly skilled shooters and should’ve at least gotten one shot in). They eventually end up patching up, unloading their true emotions after John injects both of them with the truth serum. Just when they decide not to kill each other, the Other John and Jane show up to kill them.

A fight ensues, and by the end, it looks like John and Jane are done for. We hear shots from the apartment, and while the show leaves us with uncertainty over the fates of John and Jane, it’s clear that they’re not returning to the house anymore, and once the Hot Neighbour gets a peek in, he knows it as well. He comes to the house with a copy of ‘The Prophet,’ which he’d offered to lend to John in their last meeting, hoping that it would be an excuse for him to get an entry into the house. But one look from the door, with the entire house torn apart by the bullets that had flown around the previous night, and the Hot Neighbour is convinced that his neighbors don’t intend to stick around or have already left.

When he leaves the house, he calls “Seth” and tells him that his neighbors might be ready to sell the house, giving him the one thing he’d wished for ever since John and Jane moved next door. It is unclear whether he actually knows that John and Jane are dead, but it wouldn’t exactly matter to him because he is too preoccupied with the happiness of landing his dream house, his Moby Dick. Even if Jane and John are not dead, it would make sense for them to leave the house immediately. It’s clearly not safe for them anymore, and the Hot Neighbour knows it too, which is why he is so sure that it will finally be his to sell.

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