Mrs Davis: Where is Simone’s Father? Is Monty Alive or Dead?

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Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis’ follows the story of a nun named Sister Simone, who is on a quest to end the all-knowing algorithm that has taken over the world. Simone never bothered to use and follow the algorithm, which is otherwise an important part of everyone’s life. However, when her father died in front of her, she blamed the algorithm and vowed to stay away from it. When the opportunity presents itself, Simone decides to use it and destroy the thing once and for all. However, over time, she discovers more things about her father that make her question everything. If you are wondering what really happened to her, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Final Act: Unveiling Monty’s Fate

Simone’s father, Monty, was a magician who dedicated his life to his craft. He was so obsessed with pulling off the greatest trick of all time that he ended up killing himself for it. He was supposed to dive into a vat of acid but come out of it alive because he was wearing a suit explicitly tailored for surviving inside acid. He was aware of the risk, but he did it anyway. Simone tried to stop him because she knew that anything could go wrong and he would end up dying.

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However, Monty didn’t listen, and everything went down just as Simone had expected. Ever since, Simone blamed Mrs. Davis for Monty’s death because the algorithm took away the magic from Monty’s magic tricks, forcing him to resort to such extreme measures to prove that he was a great magician and could come up with a trick that even the algorithm couldn’t crack. While Simone was devastated over her father’s death, her mother, Celeste, was convinced otherwise.

Celeste knew Monty very well, which is why she suspected that dying must have been part of Monty’s plan. He wanted everyone to think he was dead, which was the real trick. He never meant to come out of the vat of acid alive. Or at least, that’s what he wanted his audience to think. At Monty’s memorial, Celeste tries to expose Monty. Whenever he was around, she could always smell him. She smells him on the day of his memorial, too, but cannot find him.

Because Simone steadfastly believes that her father is dead, Celeste thinks she must have been in cahoots with Monty. Celeste believes that her daughter knows exactly where Monty is, while Simone claims to know nothing. It isn’t until Celeste shows her Monty’s pictures, the day after he was supposed to be dead, that Simone starts to question her father’s actions. She approaches Mrs. Davis and demands to be told what happened to her father and where he is now.

In the final episode, Simone takes Celeste to Monty. It turns out Celeste was right. Monty didn’t die that day, and he faked his death. He really was there at the memorial when Celeste claimed to smell him. Monty had planned a resurrection. He faked his death and meant to return on the day of his memorial, like Jesus returned three days later, shocking everyone. He hid inside the piano and was about to come out of it when his wife started looking for him.

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/PEACOCK

Monty realized that he could fool everyone but not Celeste. She saw through his act, which means his magic trick wasn’t exactly successful. He’d lost his element of surprise, so even if he came out of the piano, it wouldn’t have the intended effect. So, Monty never came out of it. Had someone else known about it, they might have remembered he was still inside the piano and broken him out. However, the only one in on Monty’s plan was Mrs. Davis.

Before Mrs. Davis, magic fascinated people because they couldn’t figure out how the magician pulled off a trick. But when the algorithm came around, it answered everyone’s questions, leaving nothing for people like Monty. At first, Monty hated Mrs. Davis. But when he realized he couldn’t beat the algorithm, he joined it. He pulled off his magic trick with the help of Mrs. Davis, but when the time came, the algorithm made no effort to get Monty out of the piano. In the end, he suffocated and died.

The piano was put in storage with Monty’s other stuff. No one ever went there or bothered to check it, which is why Monty remained inside the piano all these years. Even when Simone tells Celeste all about it, the latter is unconvinced. She breaks open the piano, and only when she sees Monty’s dead body does she accept that he is dead and has been dead all these years.

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