Murderville Episode 4 Clues, Killer and Ending, Explained

The fourth episode of ‘Murderville’ brings the viewers another fresh and spicy murder mystery. In the episode, Detective Terry Seattle works alongside new trainee detective Annie Murphy (‘Schitt’s Creek‘). Annie must use her improv skills to maneuver around a set of absurd situations to verify facts and gather evidence to solve the case. If you are wondering whether Annie succeeds in solving the case and who the culprit is, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Murderville’ episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Murderville Episode 4 Recap

In the fourth episode titled ‘Murder By Soup,’ Detective Terry Seattle tries to reconcile with his wife, Rhonda. Rhonda is dating Detective Daz, but Terry feels he can win back Rhonda’s affection. To help Terry deal with his feelings, Rhonda assigns him a new partner, actress Annie Murphy. Terry does a roleplaying exercise to examine whether Annie has any skills to be a homicide detective. Rhonda interrupts them to assign the duo a new murder case.

Terry and Annie arrive at the City Hall, which is the crime scene. They are investigating the murder of Alistair Hale, the city’s chief health inspector. Forensics expert Amber Kang reveals that Hale was murdered by using poison. The poison comes from the Golden Frog species, only found in remote parts of Colombia. The poison was mixed in Hale’s soup, leading to his death. Hale had ordered the soup from City Soup, but the delivery package had different branding than the restaurant. According to the security guard, the delivery person was whistling in a peculiar tune.

After gathering the evidence from the crime scene, Annie and Terry start interrogating the suspects. The first person on the list of suspects is Nannette DuBois, the head chef of Chez Nannette restaurant. The second suspect is kindergarten teacher Anya Campbell, who had a bad encounter with the victim. The third and final suspect is Vinny “The Fork” Palmieri, the mob boss of the food truck mafia. Based on her interactions with the suspects and the gathered evidence, Annie must decide who killed Hale.

Murderville Episode 4 Ending: Who Killed Alistair Hale? Does Annie Murphy Solve the Case?

In the episode, we learn that Alistair Hale had shut down Nannette’s restaurant for minor code violations. Therefore, she had an apparent motive to kill Hale. Moreover, as a chef, she could have easily mixed the poison in the soup. Hale had also shut down the kindergarten bake sale at Anya’s school, which could be a possible motive for murder. Lastly, Vinny’s food trucks consistently faced problems under Hale’s purview, giving him a reason for murdering the health inspector.

At Chez Nannette restaurant, Annie presents her findings in front of everyone and reveals which suspect she thinks committed the crime. She accuses Anya of being the murderer. Annie’s accusation is based on the fact that a map in Anya’s classroom that lists the places she has been to had been double marked on Colombia, the only place where the frog poison could be found. Moreover, she also whistled to get Terry’s attention during the interrogation and arranged the papers similarly to the ones on Hale’s desk.

While the last part of Annie’s theory is farfetched, she does get the killer’s identity right. Rhonda confirms that Anya is Hale’s killer. Since the federal officers had seized Vinny’s passport, he could not have traveled to Colombia. On the other hand, Nannette hated whistling and could not have been the killer. There is an abundance of the white paper bag used to deliver the soup in Anya’s classroom. Lastly, she possesses a textbook known as ‘Deadliest Animals,’ which is of no use for a kindergarten class.

Thus, the case against Anya is airtight, and all the evidence points to her being the killer. Annie’s deductions skills are right on the money, and she grasps the crucial clues that prove Anya is the murderer. In the end, the teacher who has the most straightforward motive compared to the other two suspects is the guilty party making this a dark and twisted case.

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