My Father’s Murder in Greece: Where Was the Lifetime Thriller Filmed?

With Colin Theys at the helm, ‘My Father’s Murder in Greece’ follows the journey of Allie, a young woman who is on a trip to Greece with her father, George. The two are reeling from their past misfortunes, which have left them with very little. As they tour the scenic Greek town, George alludes to some decisions he has made that trouble him but refuses to elaborate. Things take a dark turn when Allie finds her father murdered. Despite grappling with the shock and grief, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind his death.

The Lifetime movie spins a thrilling tale of family secrets, mystery, revenge, and murder. Set against the backdrop of Greece’s stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, the film presents a dark twist on vacation films, where the protagonist has to shakily pick up breadcrumbs left behind by the assailants while navigating a foreign setting and culture. For those appreciating the intriguing destination, the film’s environment might lead to inquiries about the actual places where filming took place.

My Father’s Murder in Greece Filming Locations

‘My Father’s Murder in Greece’ was largely shot around the city of Athens in Greece. Principal photography for the film was carried out within a few weeks, between May and June of 2023. During this time, the film was tentatively titled ‘Big Greek Nightmare.’ For some of the cast and crew, the process felt like a vacation in its own right as they explored the city alongside their work schedules. “Best location shoot ever with the best crew ever and this incredible cast,” wrote actress Maeve Quinlan, sharing her experience on social media. “The working title may be called ‘My Big Greek Nightmare’, but it has been My Big Greek Dream of a Shoot.” Let us uncover some more details about the sites utilized in the Lifetime production.

Athens, Greece

The capital city of Greece and its surrounding areas were chosen by the production team as a canvas for ‘My Father’s Murder in Greece.’ A birthplace of the ancient Greek civilization, Athens is a city steeped in history and culture. The film crew made use of the historical landmarks, coastal landscapes, natural areas, and modern architecture of Athens to lens various scenes.

The port city boasts a stunning waterfront along its southwestern border, and many of its coastal districts can be seen when the aerial shot of a boat sailing the Mediterranean is shown. With panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, nearby mountains, and picturesque neighborhoods, the film could incorporate stunning cinematic shots of the sweeping vistas to capture the city’s breathtaking scenery.

Beyond its ancient ruins, Athens boasts a diverse array of architectural styles ranging from classical to neoclassical, Byzantine, and modern. The production team took advantage of the city’s architectural diversity for many of its scenes, including the father-daughter duo’s walk through a bustling market. The quaint historical structure behind them in this scene is the Church of Saint Eleftherios, colloquially known as Little Metropolis. Situated at Mitropoleos Square, next to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, or Great Metropolis, the small church is built on the ruins of an ancient temple using Byzantine sacred architecture.

My Father’s Murder in Greece Cast

Cass Huckabay leads the film as Allie. The actress is known for her work in the Lifetime movies ‘College Professor Obsession’ as Elaine and ‘Nightmare Pageant Moms’ as Harper Bailey. She also appears in ‘Metamorphosis,’ ‘Stupid Games,’ ‘Colonials,’ and ‘Outsiders.’ Alongside her, Maeve Quinlan takes on the role of Catherine. Hailing from Chicago with Irish parentage, Maeve was a rising tennis star before she entered the entertainment business. She began her acting career at a young age with supporting roles in ‘The Florentine,’ ‘Ken Park,’ and ‘Totally Blonde.’ She came into the limelight with her recurring role as secretary Megan Conley, in the TV series ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ You may have also seen her in ‘South of Nowhere,’ ‘3Way,’ ‘Not Easily Broken,’ ‘The Sinister Surrogate,’ and ‘90210.’

Starring opposite them are Nikolas Makris and Natalia Dragoumi, who step into the roles of Kostas and Iris, respectively. Nikolas Makris is a Greek actor who has worked in ‘Hara agnoeitai,’ ‘Tria milia,’ ‘I tourta tis mamas,’ ‘Karyotakis,’ and ‘Eho ena mystiko….’ Natalia Dragoumi is a Greek actress known for her performances in ‘Testosteroni,’ ‘Doctor Roulis,’ ‘Matzourana,’ ‘I diakritiki goiteia ton arsenikon,’ and ‘Sto telos xyrizoun ton gabro.’ Other cast members include Alexandros Theodoropoulos as Andreas, Giorgos Hatzikiriakos as Theo, Margarita Loumaki as Yiayia, and Vaggelis Papadakis as Giorgos. The movie also features Maria Iliaki as Secretary, Anestis Ishnopoulos as Priest, and Alexandros Tsamourlidis as Shadow.

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