My Happy Marriage Episode 1 Recap: The Meeting

Based on a Japanese light novel series written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka, ‘My Happy Marriage’ or ‘Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon’ is a historical fantasy romance anime series. The story takes place in an alternate version of Japan of the 19th century Meiji Restoration era. Miyo is the eldest daughter of the Saimori family. Having lost her mother when she was a child, Miyo grew up enduring the cruelty of her stepmother and half-sister and the indifference of her father.

However, her life changes when she meets Kiyoka Kudo, the head of the Kudo family and her future husband. In episode 1, titled ‘The Meeting,’ we are introduced to Miyo and her family. As the title indicates, it also depicts the first meeting between the two protagonists. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘My Happy Marriage’ episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

My Happy Marriage Episode 1 Recap

The episode begins with a narration from Miyo as she relates to the audience the struggles of her life. It becomes quickly apparent that she has not only suffered terrible verbal abuse from her stepmother, Kanoko, and half-sister, Kaya but also is terribly lonely. Considering the type of person Miyo appears to be, her father’s indifference must have hurt her more than the cruelty of Kanoko and Kaya.

The beginning of the series is evidently inspired by Cinderella and similar lore. This is underscored by the presence of Kanoko, who perfectly fits the evil stepmother trope, at least for now. The pilot episode stays away from the story’s supernatural aspects, which seems like a conscious decision as it gives the writers enough space to establish these characters as people before introducing the fact that they exist in a magical world.

Miyo has a friend, Koji, the second son of the Tatsuishi family. The series hasn’t made it clear whether Koji harbors a romantic interest in Miyo. We only know that he wants to save her from her current abhorrent circumstances, but that desire can stem just as easily from pity and not love. They have been friends for years. In his introductory scene, he brings Miyo sweets while their parents converse. It is later revealed that their parents have agreed to a match between Koji and Kaya. In this world, inheritance is passed to the husband of a daughter.

Despite Miyo being the oldest, her future husband will not inherit anything from the Saimori family. That privilege is given to the future husband of Kaya. After their parents make the deal, Miyo learns Koji and Kaya will marry. Although a small part of her hoped against hope that Koji would marry her, she knew it wouldn’t happen. It isn’t that she was in love with Koji, but she knew that with Koji, her life would be at least tolerable.

My Happy Marriage Episode 1 Ending: Why is There a Rumor about Kiyoka Being Cold and Cruel?

On the day when Miyo’s father announces the news of Koji and Kaya’s upcoming marriage, he also reveals his plan of marrying Miyo off to the head of the Kudo family. Kiyoka is quite a handsome man. Combining that with his time in the military, one would think Kiyoka will be quite successful with women. But the reality is completely opposite.

When she first learns that she will have to marry Kiyoka, Miyo is terrified by the prospect. Like everyone else, she has heard the rumors of his cruelty. She has also heard how none of his marriage contracts lasts more than three days. The first time Miyo sees Kiyoka, she doesn’t want to take her eyes ofF him; he is that handsome. She briefly forgets to be afraid and lets herself enjoy those moments.

Why Didn’t Koji Marry Miyo?

Despite all his good intentions and kindness, Koji is ultimately a coward, afraid to go against his father’s wishes. He doesn’t let out anything more than a whimper when his marriage is set with Kaya. He claims he wants to get Miyo out of her present circumstances but doesn’t do anything that can actually help her. If anything, as his father points out, the marriage with Kiyoka gets Miyo out of the house and saves her from the torment she receives there.

Koji is his father’s second son. His older brother will likely be their father’s successor, and Koji will now be that of Kaya and Miyo’s father’s. Miyo was born without special abilities in a world where everybody has them and grew up in neglect after her mother’s death. By marrying her off to a head of a house, her father ensures that there will not be any question of depriving his eldest daughter of his wealth.

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