My One & Only Filming Locations and Cast Details

If one notices the high amount of dating reality shows out there, one would assume that it was the new way of seeing people. While that is obviously an exaggeration, it cannot be denied that dating reality shows prove to be extremely dramatic. That raises the question of their authenticity. Some dating reality shows are actually true. Hence, with that assumption, imagine how much conflict can be milked from a dating show premise for a fictional story. That is exactly what the writers of ‘My One & Only’ have done to conjure an engaging love triangle premise.

To be clearer, ‘My One & Only’ is a fictional television movie and not a dating show. Hallmark is the perfect network to be bringing out such a story. The channel is known for presenting a constant stream of engaging movies and television series that lift viewers’ spirits. From the comfort of one’s couch, one can feel the feel-good positivity induced inside one after watching a Hallmark production.

‘My One & Only’ revolves around a woman named Stephanie who is part of a reality show. The reality show includes a premise wherein two people test out their compatibility. Stephanie is testing her compatibility with a man named Oliver. However, she ends up falling for the show’s host, Alex. Who will she end up with? Will there be a tussle for Stephanie’s love? There is just one way to find that out.

My One & Only Filming Locations

Several viewers would have wondered where ‘My One & Only’ is filmed. The movie is set inside a reality show. Hence, the unique setting is rather integral to the show. Thus, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the movie has been filmed.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

‘My One & Only’ was filmed in Canada. Within Canada, filming was carried out in the province of Manitoba. Manitoba and British Columbia are two of the most frequent filming provinces for Hallmark. Canada offers lucrative tax credits which help Hallmark cut down on filming costs considerably. These filming projects, in turn, bring local employment opportunities and help diversify the regional economy.

Have a look at the following post. It proves how filming was carried out in the province of Manitoba. To be more precise, Winnipeg was where the shooting was undertaken:

Here are some other behind-the-scenes photos from the project:

My One & Only Cast: Who is in it?

Several viewers would have also wondered who the cast members of ‘My One & Only’ are. Well, the cast is led by Pascale Hutton. She plays the character of Stephanie and is a Hallmark regular. Some of the other productions that Hutton has been a part of include ‘Sanctuary,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ ‘Chaos,’ and ‘Intelligence.’ Starring opposite Hutton is Sam Page. He plays the role of Alex. Productions that he has starred in include ‘Self/Less,’ ‘Wish You Were Here,’ and ‘Shark.’ Next, Stephen Huszar essays the role of Oliver. Other cast members include Rhonda Dent, Susan Hogan, Amy Groening, and Roz Murray.

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