Nadia Jagessar: Where is the Indian Matchmaking Participant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ has gained a lot of attention over the years, given its intriguing cast and turbulent storylines. Each and every person featured in the show has earned their own set of followers, and Nadia Jagessar is now different. Making her debut in season 1 of the show, she quickly captured our hearts with her charming personality and determination to find her perfect match. The recent release of the third iteration of the reality show has made many people curious about just where Nadia is these days, and we are here to explore the same!

Nadia Jagessar’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

Appearing in the matchmaking series, Nadia proudly talked about her Guyanese-Indian ethnicity and how she hoped to find someone of a similar background and a mindset that would be compatible with hers. Though her date with Ravi Guru Singh did not seem to yield fruitful results, she did form a connection with Vinay Chadha. However, things quickly turned south when Vinay stood her up twice, forcing Nadia to let go of her budding affection for the man.

It wasn’t until the entry of Shekar Jayaraman that fans started to hope for a result that would end at the marriage altar. The match was set up by Sima Taparia and seemed to have suited both parties, despite the distance between their homes. Their time together in season 1 ended on a hopeful note, and between the first two seasons of the show, they met up with each other’s families, though things were not exactly smooth.

At the start of season 2 of the show, Nadia was unsure how to feel about her connection with Shekar as she thought that he was not romantically interested in her. Around the same time, she formed a bond with Vishal Kalyanasundaram and decided to break things up with Shekar. The ensuing connection was far from easy for Nadia or Shekar but ultimately allowed the former to follow her heart. However, things turned around when Vishal decided to end things with Nadia as he apparently did not feel romantically interested in her.

Nadia Jagessar is Thriving in Her Life Today

Despite the various ups and downs in her love life, Nadia Jagessar seems to be thriving in her life. There does not seem to be any indication that the reality TV star is in a relationship at present. If there is indeed someone special in her life, Nadia has seemingly decided to keep the details under wraps. That is not to say that she is not active on social media and is always happy to share details of her life with her social media followers, and she has over 116 thousand admirers on Instagram as of writing. The Netflix icon often shares videos that provide glimpses into her everyday life and allow her fans to connect with her.

Nadia is the proud Founder of Euphoria Events, a New Jersey-based event-planning company that can make any event breathtaking. In fact, she has become a celebrity in her own right and even appeared in Teen Vogue in March 2023. Additionally, she has taken up modeling as well and can often be seen working alongside different brands. The entrepreneur also had the opportunity to speak at TEDx events in May and October of 2022.

As for her personal life, Nadia has retained her close bond with her mother and often shares appreciative posts regarding her on social media. She is also quite happy to share updates about her adorable dog, who has her own Instagram account and has a fair share of admirers. Nadia is also always glad to indulge in her love for travel and recently visited Rome, Italy. Despite her undoubtedly hectic schedule, the reality TV star likes to take some time out for dancing, a skill she has honed from a young age. In fact, she decided to start taking dance classes once more quite recently and often shares different dance routines.

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