Nadine Gary: Where is the Raëlian Now?

The narratives of individuals within the Raëlian movement are diverse, reflecting a spectrum of experiences. Some characterize their involvement with the UFO religion as manipulative and liken it to brainwashing, while others assert that their association with the sect has profoundly and positively transformed their lives, leading them to remain actively engaged with the group. The varied perspectives and stories of these individuals were featured in Netflix’s ‘Raël: The Alien Prophet,’ providing insight into the multifaceted nature of their encounters with the Raëlian movement.

Who is Nadine Gary?

Nadine Gary’s introduction to the Raëlian movement came through her mother, who was already a member of the group. As a teenager, her mother, also a school teacher, gave her a copy of ‘Le Livre qui dit la vérité’ (The Book That Tells the Truth), providing answers to questions that had been raised by her grandmother about God. Joining the group in 1981, Nadine recounted her first encounter with leader Raël at the age of 18, expressing admiration for his charismatic personality and striking blue eyes.

Nadine expressed her enthusiasm for the Raëlian vision of the embassy, eagerly anticipating the day when the Elohim would be physically present. She openly discussed her excitement about the prospect of having a sexual encounter with one of them. Reflecting on the cloning program, Nadine, then at 33 years old, expressed a desire to be a surrogate for the first human clone baby. However, Brigitte Boisselier, the leader of the initiative, ultimately selected younger women in their 20s for the role. Though the former did begin handling the public relations aspect of this project later on.

Nadine reminisced about watching Brigitte and Raël make their statements in favor of human cloning in the US Congress on a broadcast channel. She expressed having tears in her eyes seeing her beliefs taken seriously and given significant importance. However, her experience took an unexpected turn when, just a few days later, two individuals whom she assumed were from the FBI knocked on her door and conducted a search of her house, looking for any evidence of human cloning activities. Nadine found the situation rather hysterical.

Nadine Gary Does a Lot of Raëlian-based Social Work Today

Nadine has remained dedicated to the Raëlian movement over the years, witnessing its evolution from the US and its significant expansion in Japan and Africa. Despite battling an incurable disease, she expressed her acceptance that she might not live to see the day when the Elohim come down to Earth and stay at the Embassy. She shared that Raël has conveyed that the Elohim are humorous beings, and while she is saddened by the prospect of missing their arrival, she finds solace in having contributed to creating a hospitable planet for their eventual presence.

Nadine plays a significant role in a charitable initiative affiliated with the Raëlian sect called Clitoraid. This organization is dedicated to campaigning against female genital mutilation globally, with a special focus on Africa. Clitoraid not only advocates for the end of this harmful practice but also provides crucial medical assistance. This assistance includes restorative surgery, long-term emotional support, and sexual counseling for women who have undergone female genital mutilation. Additionally, Clitoraid conducts pre-surgery workshops and raises awareness about the female body, contributing to the broader mission of ending this harmful cultural practice.

Talking about her work, Nadine once said, “The physical surgery is just one step of the journey. Many religions repress women’s sexuality – we break the taboo. A woman’s body is connected to her self esteem – we explain to the patients the many different things that happen when a woman feels pleasure, and that it’s natural.” Nadine serves as the president of GoTopless, a women’s rights organization committed to advancing gender equality in bodily exposure. The organization focuses on challenging restrictions and limitations imposed on female bodies throughout history. Operating globally, including in the United States, GoTopless organized its 16th Annual GoTopless Day in August 2023 in New York City.

As of the latest information, Nadine is currently located in Las Vegas, actively contributing to the organization’s mission. She prioritizes her identity as a human being before her affiliation with the Raëlian movement, emphasizing her dedication to the causes she passionately supports.

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