Who Is Natasha Spencer From Married At First Sight Australia?

Even when walking down the aisle towards someone you’ve known for ages, it’s reasonable to be a little scared and a little apprehensive, because we all know that marriage is a massive commitment. So, when complete strangers agree to enter into it at their very first meeting, and have their journey completely documented for the world to see, it’s obvious that they are willing to risk a lot to find their true love and get their happily ever afters.

One such risk-taker is Natasha Spencer, a participant of season seven of the Australian edition of ‘Married At First Sight.’ Intrigued to know all about her? Keep reading!


Who Is Natasha Spencer?

Natasha is bold, outspoken, and confident. Always speaking her mind, no matter the situation, she admits that her tendency to not think before she speaks has oftentimes landed her into trouble. As for her relationships, because the 26-year-old herself is so successful, she is drawn to powerful men as well, which is why her previous relationships have mostly been with those who are significantly older than her, including an engagement to a 50-year-old.

Unfortunately, because she always felt more like a trophy wife with them, rather than the intelligent individual that she is, her relationships never worked out. Now, she is adamant about finding love with a man who will respect her and treat her as an equal. Natasha knows her worth, and knows what she wants and needs, so she will never settle down for less. A man who is good, self-assured, honest, trustworthy, and will take her as she is, would be her perfect match.

Where Is Natasha Spencer From?

Natasha is a local Australian from Sydney, New South Wales. Born and brought up there, she loves the fact that she is surrounded by water and can go to the beach to enjoy a good day anytime she wants, as is evident from her social media. Being an Australian has its own benefits, and Natasha never takes them for granted.

What Does Natasha Spencer Do?

Natasha works as a Financial Analyst, but recently, she has also started dabbling in working on social media as an influencer. With almost 89,000 followers, not only does she do sponsored posts on Instagram, but she has also created a YouTube channel that focuses primarily on her lifestyle and her beauty routines. She is ambitious, determined, and hard-working, so we have no doubt that she will succeed in whatever she puts her mind to.


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