Nathan Prater: Where is My 600-lb Life Contestant Now?

Image Credit: TLC/YouTube

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ focuses on the remarkable weight loss experiences of some morbidly obese people attempting to improve their lives. In addition, the show includes Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now, a renowned bariatric surgeon and weight-loss specialist who helps clients with an individualized healthy diet and exercise routine. In order to drop the weight needed for weight-reduction surgery and to expedite the weight-loss process, the patients must adhere to these instructions properly.

Since its debut in 2012, the reality show has showcased 10 seasons of incredible weight reduction journeys. As people from different backgrounds join the weight loss program, viewers get to watch interesting and unique stories of people. One such engaging journey was that of Nathan Prater, who appeared in season 10, episode 1. And if you’re eager to know where he is now, here’s everything we found out!

Nathan Prater’s My 600-lb Life Journey

When 36-year-old Nathan Prater joined the show in 2021, he was already struggling to move around and was afraid he might lose his job as a drama teacher. He weighed 607 pounds at the beginning and lived in Montalba, Texas, with his wife Amber, 40, who also was quite heavy at that point, at 502 pounds. However, for Amber, the main concern was Nathan, who was mostly dependent on her for household work; thus, she did not consider herself a morbidly obese individual. Nathan was devastated at his state and also felt guilty about throwing all the work on his wife, because of his bodily constraints.

Nathan narrated the plight of his situation, saying, “Now, I feel like grocery shopping is the only thing that me and Amber really have left together. It’s the only thing we do together, aside from eating. And if you took eating and food out of our relationship, we wouldn’t have anything left, not really.” Amber was also tired of working as a caretaker in his life and noted that, as a result, their intimacy was close to none. She missed spending quality time with her husband without involving care and often contemplated the deteriorating state of their marriage as the days passed by.

The workload on Amber had a very adverse effect on her, as even she stopped taking care of herself and slowly adapted to the eating patterns of Nathan. She had to also deal with anxiety, depression, and constant exhaustion because of their situation. Thus, Nathan finally decided to seek Dr. Now’s guidance and took his recommendations on eating only 1200 calories every day with a properly balanced diet. He followed them religiously, ate on time, went for walks, and finally lost around 72 pounds in the stipulated time.

When Dr. Now saw both Nathan and Amber together, he told them that since she was also struggling with her weight, it might hamper his progress if she did not join him too. He said, “It’s very hard for one person in the family to eat healthy while the other person is not.” Amber then admitted that she had already undergone the surgery at age 16 and had lost 360 pounds then, which she gained back while having her children. However, when Dr. Now insisted on its importance, after some reluctance, she agreed to join Nathan in his weight loss journey.

Both Nathan and Amber began eating a calorie-restricted diet and went for walks together. Thus, Nathan got approved for the gastric bypass surgery, but Amber struggled to lose enough weight. Once he got done with that, Nathan struggled to maintain his diet. Meanwhile, Amber improved in her progress and qualified to receive the surgery. As their journey on the show ended, the couple had a better hold of their diets and kept maintaining them to lose more weight after their surgeries.

Nathan Prater is Focusing on Personal Growth Now

Nathan did a good job maintaining his doctor-recommended dietary and exercise plan and lost over 150 pounds, reaching the milestone of weighing below 450 pounds. Later, his wife announced that his weight came down to 363 pounds making him well ahead in his journey of embracing a healthy life. Although not much is known about Amber’s weight loss update, from the looks of it, she is going strong in her journey too. She also started a new job as a District Special Education Diagnostician Clerk for Tyler Independent School District.

On the personal front, Amber has two children from her previous relationship, the first is her son, Mark Johns, and the second is her daughter, Hannah R Johns. But Nathan is equally attached and loving to both the children; they are now all grown up. Both their children are independent in their own fields and often share posts with their parents on their social media. Nathan and Amber also seem more settled in their lives after their surgeries and are welcoming the changes with a positive and healthy mindset.

Nathan has entered into a new business venture apart from working as a Theatre Director at Palestine Independent School District. He has opened a steak house restaurant called Home Grill Steak House in Palestine, Texas, and often excitedly promotes it and the events on his social media platforms. Thus, it can be said that the Montalba resident took the healthy route forward and is living his fullest, working more than ever. And we only wish the pair the best in their future endeavors!

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